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World University Rankings 2015-2016 for Engineering and Technology and Northumbria University – A Dark Horse in the field of Engineering and Technology

World University Rankings 2015-2016- Happy Diwali to everyone and we have got a nice gift. IISc Bangalore featured among the Top 100 universities in the world for Engineering & Technology. This is the first time that an Indian university or institute achieved this feat. 2015-16 University Rankings have been quite exciting for the Indian universities. For the very first time, 17 Indian institutes featured in the Top 800 in the world (UK has got around 78). Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore broke into the Top 100 institutes in the World for Engineering and Technology – very first time for an Indian institute. See the full list of World’s Top 100 Institutes for Science & Technology. Today I am going to discuss about a university, which is clearly a dark horse in the field of engineering and technology.

World University Rankings 2015-2016 for Engineering and Technology:-

Northumbria University – The New Age UK University

Northumbria University is one of the youngest British universities with modern teaching and research facilities. The main campus is located in the Newcastle city (Northeast England), while the other campus is based in Central London. Northumbria was a polytechnic institute, and gained the university status in 1992. The university has got more than 22,000 undergraduate students and 6,000 postgraduate students. Northumbria is very popular among the International students including Indians. Those who have read my earlier articles – Rankings, Reputation and Stay-Back Option of Foreign Universities and THE World University Ranking Review should be familiar with Northumbria University. It is a small university, but punches above its weight.

World University Rankings 2015-2016
Northumbria Campus Pictures

There are only four departments (or faculties) and hence concentrate on specialized teaching and research programs. The climbing on the ranking tables has been spectacular, especially in the last three years – due to prestigious research grants and active industry collaborations on innovative and game-changing research projects.

Why Study at Northumbria University – Key Features:

  • Established in 1992, it is one of the youngest universities in the UK
  • Ranks within the Top 800 universities in the world
  • Offers a wide range of subjects in the field of Engineering, Business, Life Sciences, Law, Fashion and Media
  • 9 out of 12 research areas have been termed as world leading by RAE
  • In Physical Sciences and Engineering, the university is one of the best in the UK
  • Programs are job market oriented and includes paid internships and study abroad options
  • Pocket friendly tuition fees and provides merit-based partial scholarships
  • In terms of Student Satisfaction and Job Prospects, Northumbria ranks among the leading UK universities
  • High engagement with the industry (especially in the field of clean energy, bio-fuels and computational chemistry), and also incubated excellent start-ups

The Engineering faculty is absolutely brilliant. After all, it used to be a Polytechnic institute, which attained the University status in the year 1992. Even before becoming a Polytechnic, it used to be Rutherford College of Technology, founded in 1894. So, you can see that it is an institute that made continued development over the years; similar to Indian institutes in the global arena.

Most Popular Programs for International Students – What to Study:

  • MSc Electrical Power Engineering
  • MSc Microelectronic and Communication Engineering
  • MSc Engineering Management
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MBA
  • MChem Applied Chemistry
  • MEng Architectural Engineering
  • MA Arts and Media Management
  • MSc Nursing
  • MSc Global Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Business with Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • MSc Business with Entrepreneurship
  • MSc Biotechnology
  • MSc Healthcare Management
  • MSc Mass Communication Management
  • MSc Fashion Management
  • MSc Business with Marketing Management

Like in teaching and research, the Northumbria University is also very unique when it comes to choosing students for admission and scholarships. The university delegates visit countries (including India) three – four times a year to meet prospective students and conduct interviews for admission and scholarship profiling.

Upcoming Events in India – Admission & Scholarship Interviews:

World University Rankings 2015-2016
Upcomings Northumbria Events in India

For queries, event registration, booking interview slot and other information, you can call on 08375034794 or write to connect@meetuniv.com

Why Attend Events?

The Northmbria University take utmost care when it comes to admit students. They do not only look at your academic grades, but also at your motivation, aptitude and recommendations. They are also provide relaxations on IELTS requirements. If you have got 70 (or more) in English in 10+2 level, you are eligible for IELTS waiver. These events are an excellent opportunity to get first-hand information about the university, course contents, eligibility criteria, fees & scholarships, placement opportunities and so on. Moreover, if you are thinking about study abroad, you should attend this kind of events. Whether you end up studying at Northumbria or not, you can get valuable information on study abroad, study in UK, abroad culture, student support system and other essential information. When I was a study abroad aspirant, I attended around 12 such events in a span of 2 years; and they really helped me in a big way in the long-term. It is like, whether you are looking for jobs or not, you should be active in networking and/or appearing for interviews on and off. After all, it should not be that much of a hassle to take out 30 minutes from your schedule to attend such kind of events, and that also at free of cost.

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