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10 Vintage T-shirt Design Inspirations

Do those worn messy looking t-shirts with distress prints and vintage colors seem more perfect to you rather than the crisp and vibrant new t-shirts? Well, fashion trends are ever-changing and no matter how much one t-shirt design creates a massive stir among the youngsters, another design soon emerges to replace it. Still, the vintage charm never fades away, be it for music or for the roadie t-shirt that you sport so confidently at your college or your workplace.

Ten Most Popular Vintage T-Shirt Design Inspirations

Be it a cotton or cotton and polyester blended T-Shirt, there are some vintage custom t-shirts inspirations which will never go out of fashion. Have a look –

  1. Typographic

Instead of using the standard fonts that are used in writing, bold and funky fonts are used in which the letters have curvy or chiseled edges and the letters are perfectly tracked to customize the space between them. For more than one lined statement, different fonts are used with different formatting. Experimentation with Bold, Italics, and Underlines are also quite common.

CustomT-Shirt Design with alma mater
Vintage T-Shirt Design
  1. Inspirational With Picture

For custom tee- shirts hoodies in schools and colleges, the t-shirts with inspirations short quotes like “live the fullest”, “nothing lasts forever” work excellently. This will not only keep the user spirited but also make the onlookers pleased. Team up with a quirky picture that complements well with the quote. These designs look great on the monochromatic background without any distress or pattern.

  1. Color Palette

The vintage t-shirts have sepia, magenta or other vintage color used in the whole body which gives a rustic look to the overall appearance. But being a retro-chic never hurts, especially when the bold colors are used so perfectly in contrast. These t-shirt designs with the usage of tomato red, yellow ochre, neon, lemon colors look more appealing. In some cases, to neutralize the vibrancy, a distressed layer of paint with low opacity is also used.

  1. Pictorial

When you are a fan of a sports star or music icon or movie superstar who belongs to the bygone days, featuring that person on the t-shirt will automatically bear vintage touch. Many intellectuals also use the faces of politicians or influencers like Guevara printed as a double exposure on a distressed background.

  1. Sci-Fi

From spaceships to aliens, dues-ex machine to arc reactor –the sci-fi elements as t-shirt design can be cool and swanky at the same time. Those who have an inclination towards Sci-Fi movies or books from old time would love to see these elements dipped in vintage touch printed on their t-shirt.

  1. Animation

Cartoons or animes, comic books or animated movie characters –reliving in childhood days is virtually possible when you wear a vintage –t-shirt with your favorite animated character featured on it. The more patterns are on the t-shirt, more vintage it looks.

  1. Hobby-themed

The inspiring t-shirt designs with your favorite hobby element printed with a retro twist will make you feel connected to your passion whenever you wear them. From photography to music, the elements are designed in a vintage touch and with some erratic words so that creating a stylish distress is possible.

  1. Branded Hoodies

As for custom hoodies, the corporate world is making the full use of printing their brand name with a worn-out rustic look, so that it reflects their long legacy. In various educational institutions too, the hoodies with an event poster printed on them help in reaching to a larger audience.

  1. Abstract Graphics

Unusual geometric figures, parallel lines, different symbols and figures on the t-shirts come up with lots of customization features. You can choose the one with patterns printed erratically throughout the body or get the one with same graphics printed all over the body, with a sepia tint.

  1. Naturalistic

If you are a hardcore naturalist, promoting it through some slogans and pictures on the t-shirt will be better. The custom t-shirt design with the pictorial representation of natural events or slogans regarding conservation is very popular these days.

The t-shirts look tarnished, used and stylish with the unconventional use of low opacity colors. With their perfect fitting, comfy fabric and rowdy prints, they are so in these days, thanks to the array of designing houses and individual manufacturers.

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