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Benefits of Portable Wheelchair Ramps You Might Not Know!

Using a wheelchair can provide you with freedom of movement even if you are impaired. Where wheelchairs enhance mobility, there, it still restricts an individual from a few places. The basic model of a wheelchair comes with several challenges including – vehicles, stairs, entryways, and many other hurdles which they are not equipped to cross. However, there is nothing to be upset about. For every challenge, there is a way to overcome it. Here, we are going to share with you one such solution that will ease the lives of wheelchair users – portable wheelchair ramps. We, being in this industry of making equipment to ease mobility at home, work, or any place, have developed many solutions to help people dependent on wheelchairs for mobility. One such product is portable wheelchair ramps.


Let’s discuss why it is wise to invest in wheelchair ramps if you or someone you know is a wheelchair user.


Reasons why you should buy a portable wheelchair ramp?

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to buy a wheelchair ramp. Some of these reasons are –

  1. Entryway access
  2. Vehicle freedom
  3. Ease in bathing
  4. Outdoor access

Let’s focus on each of these benefits one by one.

i) Entryway access

If you have a portable wheelchair ramp, you can pass through any entryway without any struggle. These ramps will allow you to pass through any kind of entryway in your way. Be it a stairway or a high threshold, these portable ramps for wheelchairs will make it easy for you. Now, thanks to these portable wheelchair ramps, you no longer have to depend on a friend, family member, or caretaker to assist you to cross an entryway. Isn’t it cool? If you wanna check out the kinds of portable ramps available you can scroll through the Ez Access website.


ii) Vehicle freedom

Another benefit that comes with buying a portable wheelchair ramp is that it will help you in using your car whenever you want. Even in a wheelchair, thanks to these ramps, you can now run an errand, go to work, go on a long drive, without anyone’s assistance. These ramps will provide you the sense of independence that you lost.


iii) Ease in bathing

Thanks to these portable wheelchair ramps, now you can easily slide in and out of the shower without any help. We understand how difficult and uncomfortable it could be to need help from someone for bathing. With these portable ramps for wheelchairs, you can now avoid that discomfort and enjoy the freedom of independence.


iv) Outdoor access

Move out of your place anytime and go anywhere without depending on anyone’s assistance. Thanks to these portable wheelchair ramps, you are now free to move anywhere and pass through any obstacle in your way. So, why wait? Purchase your own portable wheelchair ramp today.



In the end, we would like to say that if you are thinking of buying a portable wheelchair ramp, you are making the right decision. We at EZ Access have a wide range of portable ramps you can choose from. So, wait no more and enjoy a sense of independence with your mobility today.

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