We all know that PEMF therapy is getting more popular, and for most people, it is remaining the first choice to treat their illness. But when it comes to PEMF machines, there are a lot of PEMF machines available, and each machine will offer a different function. So, here are the top 5 PEMF machines of 2021. 

Top 5 PEMF machines:

PEMF device uses the electromagnetic field, and it will stimulate the chemical and electrical process of the cell or tissues. The PEMF machines are specially designed to support cell energy and there are a lot of devices available in the market. So, choosing the best device is important, here are the top 5 PEMF machines.

1. New Bemer classic and Bemer pro

New Bemer 3000 is a slightly advanced model when compared to the other models. Even the design of the device will come differently, as it will be slightly attractive and sleeker. 

The Swiss-made device has a sleep mode at 10 Hz, so the user can use this device when they want to feel relaxed. The other best part is that the device comes with 2 mats, and it can run up to 33 Hz. The multi-touch display, 10 levels of frequency, edit mode, dual control, and other features of this device makes it more interesting.

2. Magnopro

If you are looking for PEMF machines for the home and self-care then this Magnopro will be the best. The device is gentle and safe, so there is no fear of overdose of frequencies. This device is easy and quick to use, so people who are using it for the first time can also easily operate it.

The working process is also simple, as you need to simply lie down, and select the program which you want. There will be a pillow applicator, which you need to place on the most stressed area of the body. This device will help in deeper action, so you are able to get long-lasting results.

3. Earthpulse

Are you struggling to get good sleep, and tired of trying all the treatment, then go and grab the Earthpulse PEMF machines. This device is specially designed for sleep-deprived people and some localized problems. The magnetic field of the device will refresh the brain, and it helps to achieve the normal sleeping pattern.

The device offers ten programs, and of them, 4 of the programs are sleep programs. The 4 sleep program has different purposes so based on your sleep problem, you can choose any of the sleep programs. The device is easy to set up and use, and it is the cheapest device when compared to the others. 

4. 3rd eye PEMF multi-therapy device

This multi-therapy device is mainly used to strengthen the muscles and to reduce body pain. This is a user-friendly device, and it consists of a multi-applicator that helps in the full body treatment. There are varieties of programs available and you can easily select the program you need.

The device is mainly used to increase blood circulation, decrease inflammation, enhance body healing and muscle function, and improve blood oxygenation and other benefits. It helps in the faster relief and treats a variety of health issues. 

5. Sota magnetic pulse

This is one of the best devices and it is mainly noted for producing higher frequencies. But the device doesn’t provide a specific frequency, but it will discharge a spray of frequencies that comes with a specific pulse. The reason for producing high intensity is that the device has a unique design.

This device can penetrate deeply, so it will be the best solution for all your internal problems. It is simple to use and comes at an affordable rate. Most people prefer this as it comes with high intensity so can be used for all kinds of healing problems. 

Bottom Line:

Still confused, which PEMF machines will be best for you, then no need to be worried, as the most important thing while choosing a PEMF device is that it should fit your problems? Maybe the PEMF devices will vary in their parts or frequency of the field, but the result will be the same for all the PEMF machines. 

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