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6 Important Elements to Remember when Advertising on Mobile

Bulky desktops and even laptops are gradually being replaced by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Today’s consumers who are always on the go, seek instant information and instant gratification and are choosing to remain connected to their smartphones and other mobile devices 24*7.

Mobile devices form an integral part of consumers’ life. With the world becoming more social, global and connected, consumers use their mobile devices for practically anything and everything. Smartphones are no longer simply used as a medium for browsing or checking out websites. They have become a primary medium for purchase. The fact that consumers are tied to their smartphone or tablet 24*7 makes buying or browsing extremely simple, quick and hassle-free.

In order to touch base with the millennial, brands need to keep pace with the dynamism that the digital era has introduced. Rich ad server solutions have emerged that allow you to reach out to your audience at the right time. Using these technologies, you can make your mobile marketing extremely to effective, increasing your chances to enhance conversions. Mobile advertising is becoming the crux of digital marketing.

When implementing mobile advertising, marketers need to keep in mind several nitty gritty. Keep in mind the below 6 pointers and reap the benefits of effective mobile marketing:

1.  Proportionate banner size

A bigger banner does not necessarily mean more attention. Mobile devices have a much smaller screen than a desktop or laptop so that means if your banner engulfs or covers the entire screen, you are only going to drive away consumers. Keep the size of the banners proportionate to the screen where it is going to be displayed. Choose a size that is amply large enough to capture attention but not so massive that it becomes an annoyance for the user.

2.  Text—font, visibility and context

Plug in the text that is clear and concise, both textually and visually. You don’t want to get lost in the crowd hence, size and content both are should be apt. People are not going to zoom in on your ad to see what it says so keep the font size large enough so that it is easily readable across all mobile devices. Because there is limited space at your disposal, remember some basic pointers. In your banner, always include the brand identification such as logo, tag line or brand name. You want the user to take some action when he/she reads the ad. Therefore, always remember to include a clear and crisp call to action.

3.   Mobile optimized landing pages

When a user clicks on your mobile advert, he would be led to a landing page. Now, if this landing page is not mobile optimized, the consumer will eventually get irritated and bounce away. To prevent such a situation, always create your landing pages that are mobile friendly and of course adaptable to different screen sizes. This way, you will ensure that the consumers have a seamless experience from click to conversion.

4.    Advert speed and effectiveness

You need to strike the right balance between ad load time and ad effectiveness. Some mobile AdServer Solutions may look glitzy and captivating but take forever to load, and such ads can even hamper site performance. Avoid creating such ads. Stick to simple adverts that clearly communicate the call to action and help your potential consumers to convert into paying customers.

5.    Fresh ad visuals and content

Consumers may get bored or may develop a blind spot if they continue to view one type of ad every single time. Therefore, it’s recommended that you update your adverts frequently, at least every couple of weeks so that your ads are noticeable and engage mobile users. Also, be sure to use visuals and text that are relevant.

6.     Performing A / B testing

It’s recommended that marketers carry an A/B testing before putting out the final set of adverts. This way you can compare the performance of each and then select the best visual and content combination for each audience group, thus increasing the likelihood of conversions.

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