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7 Harmful Effects Of Improper Waste Disposal

Proper waste disposal may create an eyesore to the environment or release toxins, create environmental problems, health issues, and economic concerns. Lining the landfills is important as they prevent hazardous materials from being released. 

Many people are familiar with waste management processes. However, the damage and negative impacts are still increasing even though people have done their best. Despite the progress the world has made in efficiently managing waste, there are still many problems that afflict the planet. 

A country’s overall economy can be adversely affected due to the effects of improper waste management which can lead to disheartening effects. The following are some of the harmful effects of improper waste disposal: 

1. Water Contamination 

Numerous chemicals can be dissolved with water. Because of this, water can be easily contaminated by pollutants along the way. It often has dissolved substances such as various chemical and gas compounds. 

Whenever it rains, toxic liquids are easily mixed with rainwater and seep into the nearby bodies of water. Therefore, these bodies of water such as public fountains, ponds, lakes, even drinking water faucets are susceptible to possible contamination. All living creatures, including humans, can be a victim of the effect of water contamination.

2. Soil Contamination 

The most common effect of improper waste management is soil contamination. Plastic bottles are one example of waste that leaks harmful chemicals into the soil. When they eventually break down, DEHA (Diethyl hydroxylamine) begins to accumulate, a carcinogen can lead to significant health problems such as liver dysfunction, weight loss, and it can also affect our reproductive systems. 

Each household should take recycling seriously. Segregating and sorting wastes and returning them to recycling centers, the bulk of garbage that would have gone to landfills can be removed.  Additionally, hiring responsible rubbish collectors is one way to be responsible citizens. They take care of proper waste disposal, and you can check the link here to know more information.

3. Destructive Impact on Marine Life 

Careless waste and garbage disposal don’t just affect us it also affects animals. Some marine animals have been known to die after consuming cigarette butts and Styrofoam. In addition to contaminated grasses, animals who consume them may also become poisoned by the toxic chemicals that seep into the soil. 

4. Climate Change 

The decomposition of waste produces harmful greenhouse gases. Storms and typhoons are caused by these greenhouse gases rising to the atmosphere and trapping heat. What else is affected? Apart from the temperature, the level of precipitation in the air is also significantly altered. The topic of global warming and acid rain is being discussed at the moment. Thermal and radioactive pollution is the consequence of this, as well as other sub-categories. 

Carbon dioxide is one of the most prominent greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, and they’re responsible for the extreme weather changes that the world is experiencing. People suffer from the harmful effects of greenhouse gases, from powerful storms and typhoons to smoldering heat. Now is the best time to start the small changes in your daily life for green living. A minor step could go a long way.

5. Air Contamination 

It’s crucial to properly dispose of any waste that has harmful chemicals, like bleach and acids. These must be in containers whose labels are approved. In landfills, specific paper and plastic products are burnt, making them emit gases and chemicals that greatly affect and damage the ozone layer. When these chemicals and gases were released into the air, it can pose a health risk that can be dangerous. 

To make matters worse, when wastes decompose, they release methane gases. This type of gas is considered hazardous as it can be explosive and can adversely affect the communities neighboring them. 

6. Human Damage 

There are places on the planet where there are no scientific waste management systems in use. Such sites may possess a plan, but there’s no proper place for their waste material to be disposed of. 

Individuals at significant risk include: 

  •  Children living nearby the facilities 
  • Workers who deal with waste 
  • Employees who work with waste must be trained on the use of harsh cleaning products 

Consider the effects that fire in landfills has on us. Whether they come from the air or accumulate in the cellar, those landfill gases have been known to cause cancer, create respiratory and visibility issues, and produce a constant risk to those who live near them.

7. Destructive Impact on Workers’ Health 

The health of individuals living in polluted places can be significantly influenced by inappropriate waste disposal. People working in these landfills are more likely to be endangered by these hazards. Being exposed to improperly handled wastes can cause a blood infection, skin irritation, breathing difficulty, and possibly even reproductive problems. 


Environmental pollution can cause contamination of water, soil, and air which leads to health issues for both humans and animals and changes in the environment as well. Remember that we share the responsibility of waste management, for we gain and suffer in radical ways through it. Regardless of social status, economic status, and education, awareness must be consistently applied across all communities for as long as life inhabits the planet. 

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