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A Preview about the Possibility of Fast Growth of VR/AR Industry

Imagine you have gone back to 3000 years to visit Rome or Vatican City to encounter few classic masterpieces. Your five senses are alive and fresh to revive the intoxicating pleasure. It is a real world but in digital format. The virtual reality and augmented reality are two buzzwords which make young generation wild to explore in a new Utopian land. The growth and development of augmented reality or AR is much significant with the introduction of IOT/internet of things enabled infrastructures to help people to roam in a mysterious world for an adventurous expedition. Before evaluating the promising VR development or growth of immersive AR/VR technology, you must have a summary about the exact definitions of AR and VR.

Innovation in VR/AR Platform – Overview:

In short, VR or virtual reality is a computerized device to create an artificial world. You require a hi-tech head mounted device or headgear with data gloves to have a new experience. Well, AR or Augmented Reality is an upgraded version of the virtual reality. It is more practical, real, and natural to stimulate five sensual organs of the guy in a much dynamic way.  Augmented reality or AR is an innovative 3d based setting which doesn’t need any third party hard device to be accustomed to a different ambience. Well, briefly speaking, augmented reality transforms the artificial world to a real one delivering current data in digitized format.  In business, education, healthcare, movie and online gaming, the emphasis on AR and VR is given by people. Innovation in VR and AR industry is non-stop process without saturation. On AR platform, you will have different perceptions which must be interesting. You are able to touch, smell, hear and see the objects flying in the air.

Growth of AR/VR Speeds up

IDC has given an updated report on “worldwide semi-annual augmented and virtual spending guide “that by the end of 2017, the market will have a quick entry of around $13 billion invested by AR financiers to boost up the business.  In this stat report, it has also confirmed the speedy acceleration of the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate to reach $143.3 billion before 2020. Retail and AR manufacturing companies are expected to increase $1 billion to promote their sophisticated mobile software apps toolkits to operate the mini AR/VR portals.

Higher Increase in AR/VR Device Sale – Faster Business Expansion

AR supported smart phone, iPad and tablets must work as a true guide to assist guys to track the places or objects in the cluster more rapidly. For instance, spot your vehicle in a parking lot using the AR software. Data will be viewed on the smart phone regarding the exact location of the car. Or have a sweet flavour of fresh apple juice stored in the shop without going inside the storefront. You have the awesome smart head gear to track products for quality assessment. IDC reports predict that by 2020, around 90 million VR/AR supported visors/headgears will be sold. It is a big profit and entrepreneur s will have the scope to reinforce the business on the much reliable foundation by selling ultra modern AR/VR devices. Bundles of futuristic projects are in pipeline for implementation to add the mobility to the AR/VR business promotion.  In another report, Goldman Sachs has reiterated that by 2025, it must be a $45 billion worth market for investors to introduce more integrated mini AR/VR infrastructures for earning excellent revenues. Zuckerberg told reporters that Oculus will have a pack of $3 billion to release for the upgrade to innovate the Oculus.

More researchers and probing are enhanced to invent something special to simplify the usage of augmented reality. New horizons in virtual/augmented reality must be unearthed to enable men to undergo more majestic expeditions.

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