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AFCAT 2015 Preparation Tips: How to Crack AFCAT 2 2015 Exam

AFCAT 2015 Preparation Tips: AFCAT 2 2015 Exam Date has been announced now. All the candidates who have applied for the examination are looking for AFCAT Preparation Tips so that they can easily crack the AFCAT Exam.

This AFCAT 2015 Test is golden opportunity for those who want to join Indian Air Force. It’s question paper will be tough or simple, it depends on you. You need to work hard, smart and efficiently. Talking about the AFCAT 2 2015 Examination, it will be tough if you have not prepared well for it. So make sure every topic is covered wisely to clear the AFCAT 2015 Exam. In this article I am going to give you the Top 10 tips & tricks that are going to help you clear the AFCAT 2 2015 Exam. But the thing is you need to follow the procedure systematically. In this article you will find the AFCAT 2 2015 Preparation Tips.

In order to pass the exam, you need to know about various terms like Preparation Tips, Exam Schedule, Exam Scheme, Exam Syllabus, Exam Pattern, etc. Each term plays a vital role itself.

AFCAT 2015 Preparation Tips:

Want to get selected in Air Force? Applied for AFCAT 2 2015? So here are the AFCAT 2015 Preparation Tips. If you are giving AFCAT 2 2015, then you must be looking for AFCAT 2 2015 Preparation Tips. Here are all the important tips to help you with the AFCAT 2 2015 Examination.

  1. Starting with the Easiest Section is the best way. It is best because it will excel you at least in that section of the exam. If you think you can do better in mathematics section, always start with mathematics, you will feel more confident and perform better. As you have done many questions correct and right, then it will boost your confident.
  2. Do not attempt questions which you are not sure about. As the AFCAT has negative marking scheme so you will lose 3 marks if you attempt three question wrong.
  3. Double check your answer by solving it on a rough paper. The rough paper is provided on the sheet it self. So make sure you check it, even if you have calculated the answer on hand.
  4. If you have idea about the questions you will face in Spatial Ability and Military aptitude, that would be easiest part. 80-90% candidates can get more marks in spaitial abilty and military aptitude sections than any other section of AFCAT exam.
  5. Marking the Answers in the OMR Sheet is also one of the task you need to do right. Once you have marked the answers, it is marked. So before marking the answer make sure it is correct.
  6. If you are good at studies make sure you start the examination 1 month prior to the examination. Prepare only from specialized AFCAT 2 2015 books or AFCAT classroom coaching or your could also join AFCAT exam online coaching.
  7. Check the Examination venue before the date of examination. And do not be late on the date of examination. As IAF is very strict for these reasons, many candidates were not allowed to sit in exam. Because they were late for the AFCAT 2 Examination.
  8. To crack the AFCAT 2 2015 Exam, you need to have more than 120-130 marks. So if you do 50 questions correctly you will score 150 marks. But make sure you don’t mark any incorrect answers.
  9. Candidates who are applying for technical exams have to face EKT exam along with the AFCAT exam. If you fail in EKT exam though you have cleared the afcat exam, you won’t be eligible for technical branch in AFSB interview.
  10. To prepare best for EKT exam, refer to previous EKT question papers and books which has basic questions answers related to your respective branch.

For more Jobs in Indian Air Force, click here. If you have any questions about the AFCAT 2 2015 Preparation Tips. You can contact us. We will update you with everything.

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