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iPhone 8: Apple iPhone 8 Photos, Features and All Details

iPhone 8 photos, New Apple iPhone 8 Photos, Upcoming Apple iPhone 8 Features and other details: Apple’s iPhone is one of the most selling mobile phones in the market all over the world. Everybody goes crazy whenever there’s a new launch in its series. Last year, Apple introduced it’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus variants successfully at the IFA event with quite a few upgrades in them. And now all are eagerly waiting for iPhone 8 which will be launched in this year i.e. 2017.

Apple iPhone 8 Photos and Features:

new Apple iPhone 8 Photos pics images

Apple believes in Doing less but doing better which surely can be observed in the iPhones. They all function very smoothly providing its users with an amazing experience. Also, they have one of the best cameras in their mobiles offering great quality for clicking pictures. That is why people are waiting for the launch of iPhone 8 so as to see what new it has got to offer us now.

Everybody is expecting great new features with even better camera capabilities and much more. So, here we are revealing some of the iPhone 8 features and details for you so that you get an idea about this about to release Apple device.

  • iPhone 8 Design

It is said that iPhone 8 will no more consist of a physical home button rather it will have a 3D button on the screen itself. Also, its shape will be a bit more edgy and sleek. It will be a bit slimmer as compared to the previous models. It will have an appealing glass sandwich design with a metal frame in between.

  • Wireless Charging

new Apple iPhone 8 Photos pics images charging

One of the most exciting features which are said to mark its entry with iPhone 8 is wireless charging which will surely be a striking feature in iPhone series. Also, it is expected that charging will become relatively faster as compared to older versions of iPhone. As per reports, the up- gradation will enable the users to charge their phone from the minimum i.e. 0 to the maximum i.e. within just 15-20 minutes approx and the model will consist of a bigger size battery as well.

  • iPhone 8 Display

The rumours indicate that iPhone 8 will have a flexible OLED display of 5.8 inches which will prove to be a great increase in length. It will feature the capacitive touchscreen with a good 1080 x 1920 pixels screen resolution. For the production of these displays, Apple has signed a deal with Samsung who is all set to make it happen successfully and working at a great pace.

  • No Touch Id

Yes, it is believed that Apple is planning to give up the Touch ID feature on the front panel and instead it will use Synaptic Touch ID which will detect your fingerprints from the display itself. This feature will also be something really new and cool offering a somewhat different experience to users.

new Apple iPhone 8 Photos pics images no touch id

  • Three Different Models


iPhone 8 three different sizes

The new iPhone might also be available in three different models, each offering a different size. One will be consisting of an OLED display having 5.8 inch display and others will be standard consisting of 5.5 inches and 4.7 inches displays.

  • Vertical Dual Cameras

iPhone 8 vertical dual camera pic photos image

The iPhone 8 camera will consist of vertical dual cameras. It might run on new Smart Camera features which will help it to detect various photo conditions, subjects and scenes like shutter speed, ideal exposure, sunset, sunrise, dogs, clouds etc.

On the other hand, the front camera will be featuring 3D sensing capabilities enabling it to recognize faces easily. There are doubts that it may also support 4K video recording at 60 frames per second just as the rear camera but it’s definite that the quality of front camera will be improved greatly.

  • iPhone 8 Storage

iphone 8 storage

It is expected that iPhone 8 will include NAND flash memory which will bring several improvements in it. Also, the 256 GB variant which was introduced with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is expected to be continued with iPhone 8 as well. So, no more ‘Cannot Take Photo’  pop ups.

The RAM is believed to be of 3 GB or 4 GB which will enable it to perform even faster and smoother than its previous models. It is supposed to be at least 10 to 15 percent faster than iPhone 7.

Other prominent features it includes are stereo AR and VR, an all new A11 processor and stereo speakers.

There are also rumours that a new feature of facial recognition might be added as an addition or a replacement of Touch Id. The facial recognition will be not just be used for unlocking the phone but in various other ways as well.  Also, there is news that the launch of iPhone 8 might get a bit delayed than usual. But, we sure are waiting for it with our hopes high. Aren’t we?

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