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Believe Yourself- As It’s All About You| A True Fact

Most important part of life is “you”. If you are not alive then there is nothing. If you exist only then you have a problem, you have a family, lovable and relatives. So the first work to do is to congratulate you that you exist on earth. Now just answer that what is your importance in this world? What is the reason behind your existence? Usually, people say that their work is of no cost and value. They believe that they are just the useless creatures of this world and god has forgotten them after sending them to earth.


Blaming the Creator- “The God”

God did a mistake of making of us and we are bearing the pain just because of his faults. They never think what they are saying, just think “how can you blame god? How dare you to say that god had mistaken?” Those kinds of people get up early in the morning and rather than wishing someone good morning they ask others to get up fast and prepare breakfast & tea as soon as possible. Such kind of people leaves their home to office with the lots of frustration inside themselves. By their appearance, they look very tired but when someone asks for the bus, time or any place on the way they replies with full energy i.e. “Am I looking traffic man or customer care centre. Get lost from here!” They usually reply like this.

Blaming Others

Whenever you will ask them that why are you sad or looking frustrated then they will blame their job, family or friends. But they never think that this job, family & friends are his own choice, but still he/she blames all around himself. Such kind of person deploys relations between his son, daughter, wife, father & mother. Usually, they don’t have very close friends instead of this they got some so called friends who fulfill their needs with the help of such irritated people. Like they get mean drunkards, addicted and many more.

A Perfect Example

Let me share you one moment, this is related to friend’s cousin. Cousin was so smart, intelligent and very obedient guy. He was an IITian and gets a good place in a private sector. He has a girlfriend, she was so cute & beautiful. Cousin’s family agreed with his choice of girl and they married soon. His life was perfect, a beautiful & intelligent girlfriend, well good job, dream lifestyle, even luckily got married to the same girl without any objection. For first 4-5years, he found himself world’s luckiest guy. He had respect in office, in friends, family and in the neighborhood. Things were going in an awesome way so happiness was at its top. Even later his wife got a healthy job too. So financially they were stronger than before.

After 6-7 years in the job, suddenly in recession Time Company didn’t able to remain stable, so they declare that company is closed. All employee lost their job, so the cousin too. And from that day to this that cousin is unable to grow anymore and today he has a juice stall outside the IIT College.

What Happened to Him?

Just answer my one question, does recession destroyed IITian, does recession absorbed his all talent, do you really think that recession never allowed IITian to grow up? The Answer is no! Because if the employee getting good salary can’t regain himself than imagine how a peon working in the same company earning less than even the half of the salary of IITian can grow after that. But still that peon got another job, even better than this one. Just think and answer again!

The Answer

The Recession wasn’t the real bug that deployed IITian, actually he lost his own value. The time he was in company, he has a respect, money and love but when the company got closed he thought that he lost everything. But actually he lost nothing at all, he worked there for 7years with a good post & salary. He was able to go for an interview in different companies, but he lost confidence. He forgot his potential and even he lost his all lovable & relatives soon.

Someone said in past that even a small ant has a purpose for life then how can you say that your life is a waste.


Just look out yourself again, know your habit, know your likes & dislikes, know your favorite characters. Because when you will respect yourself then this world will give respect to you just like IITian. The time when he was in the job, he used to get up early for morning exercise, then takes a bath and all makeup. Because he loves himself so people loved him too, he was very happy inside therefore he usually met happy people only. But after the closing of the company he started taking tension, lots of stress, due to which his face got dull. He stopped caring for himself, he started scolding his children & wife, started disobeying his parents. When someone asked him that why you are changed then he replied that “soon I will get another good job then everything will be normal again.” But he forgot that he got an earlier job due to his respect by himself, which he lost now. But he is unable to get this fact.

It’s All about You Believe Yourself

If you can’t even love yourself then how can you expect that someone else will love you. If you can’t give respect to yourself then how can you expect that anyone else will respect you. There is only one person in this world who knows you more than others and that are ‘You’. So start loving yourself, start caring for yourself, starts making yourself good looking and within a week you will get best out of you. People will found you special not because you got talent and smartness, but you respect yourself & feel smart from inside. This world is the reflection of your thinking &imagination. Whatever you want to see it will show you.

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