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Benefits of Awarding People: Employee Recognition in the Workplace

Benefits of Awarding People- When I was a kid, I was crazy about chocolates, gifts etc and ready to do anything for them. My parents used to say  “If you pass this exam with 90% number, I will bring a chocolate box for you and if you do this, I will give you that”.  These type of things enhanced my skill and me was like “I have to do it in any case so that I could get that special gift”.  Today, I am 37 and these chocolate boxes replaced with the awards. Let’s check out the benefits of awards by considering different-2 examples.

Benefits of Awarding People: Employee Recognition in the Workplace-

When we finished a duty successfully then it gives us a lot of satisfaction and also fill us with a positive attitude. On the other hand, if someone praises us for our work, we feel more motivated at that moment. Awards are the form of appreciation which are giving for encouraging and praising an individual or a whole team. Awards can do wonders and even I have seen the good result of awards in my kids. Here we will discuss the benefits of awarding people it may be your employee or someone special you want to uplift.

The award can play a mandatory role in transforming one’s skills and overall personality. Even if we have nominated for we feel on top of the world. And after winning that one we further try to do the best we can. There are different methods of awarding to someone according to the occasion and engraved plaques are quite popular nowadays.

Top benefits of the award on different individuals

There is a variation of impacts with awards. Different people have a different way of thinking and acting as well so I have made a list of benefits which occurs after awarding an individual or a team.

Impact of awards on a young person

As we know we need more attention and appreciation at a young age. When we give an award to a growing person there are noticeable changes occurs:

  • They fell more empowered and try to give their best for grabbing their goal.
  • They come to know the importance of their actions and take the responsibility for their aim.
  • They feel more connective with their circle.
  • They acquire a knowledge to maintain and overcome the hurdles to success.
  • Learn essential life skills and how to grow.
  • Enlarge their career options.

Impacts of the award on your business

The award really sounds good when we hear this and if your business got an award for its excellence then you would notice its favourable impacts on your business.

Multiplies your success

When a businessman grabs an award after that time it becomes popular and in other words, we can say that award is the evidence of your success and procurement. All your rivals and customers will follow you and your business will get the quick fame.

Enlarge your sale

An award winner is always the center of attraction. If your business got one then it will increase the trust factor and reliability of your business and the more customers will choose you because they have the solid reason to follow you.

Referral business

Your existing customers will recommend your services to others because an award is the solid endorsement of your company.

Impacts of the award on an individual

When we see film stars and famous persons we imagine that perhaps we could achieve the same. Not everyone takes birth with a silver spoon and they achieve the highest level of success and behind it, two things always motivate and encourage them, praise and awards. Bollywood stars got awards and give the best performance in next movie because awards enhance the skills. There are numberless people who are talented but behind because they didn’t get exposure.

Awards give the exposure to its achiever. Sachin Tendulkar is famous because he was capable but also got the appreciation and exposure through numerous awards. There are thousands of Sachin Tendulkar who can shock the world with their capability but they are far back due to the lack of exposure. Every year many unknown personalities get exposure through awards.

Thus…Awards work like an energy booster and give you instant results because who doesn’t want to become famous and awards make you noticeable and help you to stand out from the crowd. Even a kid understand the value of an award. Money making is nothing if you are not known for your excellence.

You can earn money easily but for earning an award you have to sharpen your skills. Award gives you the platform to identify you. In schools, scholar badges are given to the toppers and they wear it daily with proud. Both my kids are scholar badgian and they feel proud when they attach it with their uniform. There are tons of example which will narrate the benefits of awards but in short, I would like to say awards play a distinctive role in an individual’s life. If you have some more good thoughts on the importance of awards then comment below.

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