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Best Phone in Market: These 5 Specifications Every Phone Should Have

Everyone in the world is looking for the Best Phone in Market. But finding a phone is not an easy task. Searching the market for a phone, or scanning whole e-commerce website for phone option. So here we are not with the Best Phone in Market but with 5 Specifications of the phones that you should worry about them. The 5 Specifications we are giving down are not only most important, they make your phone alive and happening. You will enjoy using the phone without interference. So let’s start with the Best Phone in Market 5 Specificaions that a phone should have.

Best Phone in Market: 5 Specifications Phone Should Have

1. Software Version

The Android OS have changed a little bit often recently and people updates go together with all styles of goodies—so once you are looking for a phone, ensure that the phones you are looking at are the latest version of Android. You are never guaranteed that you will get an update and the latest version of the software thus if you are looking for the phone choose the latest one. One of the bad facts with Android is that whether you get the upgrades completely or not depends on your phone’s manufacturer time. whereas grabbing a phone with the latest version of android can be a smart plan, it’s even it is  necessary that you purchase the one from a manufacturer that you simply trust to really update your phone.

Android  marshmallow is the latest version of the software. So people who are looking fo the phone, buy phone which is based on  latest Android marshmallow version.

Best Phone in Market 5

2. RAM and Memory

Generally, the more RAM in the phone means the a lot of programs you can run on your phone without losing its fastness. . If you will make lots of use with your phone and run multiple apps within the background for your social networks then more RAM will certainly be required. 1GB can be ok for any hardcore user, whether  some phones are giving even higher amounts.

The memory  quantity is necessary if you think to  install lots of apps on your phone. For this, 16GB is enough sometimes, particularly if you furthermore might have an SD card inserted. you must also check for the most allowable size for an SD card, which might expand your space for storing and sometimes used to store your pictures and MP3s.

Best Phone in Market 5

3. Battery Life

Bad battery life is one in every of the most important specification of  in trendy smartphones, for multiple. as a result various things have an effect on battery life, it’s in all probability best that you simply browse. If you are thinking to buy a new smartphone, make sure that it has at least, a 2000 mAh battery and 15 hours of talk time.
Best Phone in Market 5

4. Processor

There are also exceptions to the present rule. If you’re taking lots of video on your phone, editing video on your phone, or performing some hardcore 3D play, you will need to air the lookout for a good processor. If you do not make up this category, however, do not fall for all the marketing. Higher processor technology is nice, however once it involves creating of apps and swiping between screens.
Best Phone in Market 5

 5. Screen Type

A lot of makers are experimenting with completely different screen types these days, like AMOLED, Super LCD, and qHD. These new screens are an ambiguous sword—while they create your phone look pretty superb.
As so much because the variations between them, Engadget recently compared the AMOLED and Super LCD and located that neither was essentially “better” than the other they are doing  various things on a second level. That said, AMOLED did have higher battery life than Super LCD. There are lots different things that may influence battery life, and a phone with an excellent LCD screen might simply exceed with a special phone with AMOLED as a result of its battery type, processor speed, connection quality, and different options. rather than stressing out regarding screen type.

18ixnlgs79s0rpngSo here were the 5 Specification that must be taken care when you are buying a phone in market. So Stay connected to EduMovLive.com for more updates on Education, movies, technology etc.

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