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Are you Choosing the Right IVF Center?

If you are unable to conceive naturally and are looking for an IVF centre then start doing your research soon to find the best. You could ask for recommendations from your friends and family or also from your gynaecologist. An online research is also a great way to ascertain the reputation of the IVF centre. Even after lots of research, you may not be totally sure about which IVF clinic to select. The most important thing that you should consider is the success rate of the IVF centre which is about how competent the doctors are. But how about deciding on two IVF centres that have similar success rates? Assume that one of the centres is a part of a hospital while the other is an IVF clinic then which one should you select?

There are a few reasons why one should opt for a boutique IVF center and not get treated in any hospital. In an IVF center in Chennai, there are a lot of specialists who will be able to provide you with a customized treatment.

IVF is not similar to other medical treatments since the patients are not truly patients in the true sense. These patients do not have any disease nor are they ill. IVF is opted by couples who are healthy but have some medical condition that requires some medical intervention for them to have babies. Many of the doctors who do an IVF treatment in a hospital may recommend a hospital to you considering it is very convenient for them. This is easy for the doctor but in most cases, the hospital may not be the best place to take care of couples who are infertile. The care that a couple receives at a boutique clinic will be much more than in a professional hospital. It is just a normal perception that the hospitals are a safe place to get treated, while this may not necessarily be true. Hospitals are so focused on providing care to patients who are ill that those who approach the hospital for IVF may get shadowed.

Some common disadvantages of getting treated in a hospital are:

The IVF patients may find themselves waiting in queues that are meant for patients who are getting discharged or filling forms for admission

The approach and the care can be very mechanical whereas in a specialized IVF centre it will be more compassionate

The hospital has other departments like surgery whose patients are paid more attention to

Hospitals also have a massive and expensive infrastructure and the cost is passed down to the IVF patients too which leads to an expensive treatment

If you look at all these factors then going to a boutique IVF clinic is the best option. The clinic provides exclusive IVF treatment and they focus to give you the best care. The clinics come with experience and they are also capable of providing care and emotional support to the patients. The atmosphere is warm and the staff is also well trained and lets the patient make an easy rapport with the staff. These centres are technologically advanced and specialised and since their infrastructure is minimal they are also less expensive than getting treated in a hospital.

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