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5 Simple Diet Mistakes That Cause Your Calorie Counting To Be Far Less Effective

Obesity has become an epidemic in the contemporary world. You go out on the street and you witness many people, young and old, suffering from this frustrating condition. If you have a subscription to one of the Xfinity TV Packages, you switch on the TV and you see overweight people, even celebs. It’s like a virus that is penetrating under our skin and making it fluffy. People try all different workout regimens and diet plans to shed off those stubborn extra pounds. Some lack consistency, some lack to have a proper plan and consequently there are only a few who actually succeed in losing weight.

Diet Mistakes That Cause Your Calorie Counting To Be Far Less Effective

Calorie counting is an effective weight loss tool. It is arguably one of the most reliable and tested weight loss strategies. However, it needs full commitment and consistency. Unfortunately, in many cases, even if a person is committed to it, some trivial mistakes hold them back. The kind of mistakes that they don’t even know that they are making. That kills the whole point of it.

Calorie counting is all about eating in a deficit and not committing the following common mistakes.

Mistake 1: Not Measuring Each and Everything

It probably seems pretty obvious but, it is perhaps the most detrimental mistake that you can make. No one is very accurate at estimating food portions and sizes. We all tend to downplay the estimated calorie intake and hence end up eating more. As a result, we reach a point where we are eating far above the calorie deficit. So, stay honest and measure everything. Using a food scale is highly recommended.

Mistake 2: Not Keeping a Count Every Day

Let’s say, you go out to eat or drink. And consequently, you miss your daily protein goal and you don’t feel like logging it in. If you do that often, then know that you are likely to overeat. It becomes a kind of ‘cheat day’ of eating. Even a single or a couple of days of overeating can successfully undo a full week’s hard work. Calorie count is an underestimated accountability measure. It keeps you under control, just like the traffic rules keep you right on track. Daily logging is vital to that accountability.

Mistake 3: Forget about Kitchen Grabs

Most of the people are addicted to ‘kitchen grabs’. While just paying a visit to the kitchen to drink water, they would grab a handful of cashews (that makes around 200 calories), or a few crackers (makes around a 100 calories), and so on. Some people would chew a handful of cereal (roughly 50 calories) before they actually pour it into the bowl. All these ‘whatever’ moments actually add around 550+ calories that you don’t even add to your daily intake. To cut the long story short, these kitchen grabs are preventing your progress big time! Try and log all the little things that you eat. That includes munching quick handfuls, bites from others’ plates, small snacks, taste tests, bigger portions than regular, and so on.

Mistake 4: Not Counting the Liquid Calories

We witnessed a case where the person was hitting his everyday calorie goal successfully, yet there was no progress. It became confusing for both the trainer and the person who is trying to work hard with the calorie counting drill. There was no fat loss! After discussing many different theories, we identified the issue. He wasn’t calculating his liquid calories. His daily coffee intake was around 300-400 calories. And if you multiply these calories with the seven days of a week. Enough to prevent any progress!

Hence proved, that every calorie that you engulf needs to be counted. As a general weight loss tip, try and eat most of your daily calories, since the liquid calories are not very filling.

Mistake 5: Not Tracking the Meals

Similar to not counting every day and not counting the liquid calories, there is another factor which can blow your progress. And that is not tracking the meals. If your meals are high in calories, it becomes more challenging. Maybe you should consider making an extra effort. If you are eating out, know what you are ordering. Preferably, log all the ingredients of the dish that you order. When you are confident about each item and the quantity on the menu you have ordered, round up the estimated portion.

To know more about common diet mistakes that affect your calorie counting, try following some fitness channels on TV. Spectrum TV Silver Packages particularly offer a variety on-demand fitness channels like Sports Kool that discuss fitness and diet regularly. Try watching them to get more nutrition savvy. Remember, your diet is a major part of your fitness lifestyle and should be given the importance it is due.

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