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How Food Industry Got To Top Of A Pyramid Success Through Delivery Apps

The food industry is one of the pioneers in using the mobile apps for delivering food. Over the time it has gained trust from the customer, the swift delivery process, using of top-notch technology to navigate through the app pages, with verified online payment options and also cash delivery made food business to climb up to the top of the pyramid success in a short span.

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Orders Are Always Right

Taking orders over the phone may cause a human error if we mispronounce any food item or the phone operator hears it wrong due to the other outside noise. These make even a reputed restaurant to lose a customer. By mobile-based food ordering apps, one can avoid such errors. It is a boon for today’s younger generation especially to millennials who are a working population with limited time to cook or just tired after day’s work.

Re-Order Your Past Orders

Ordering online gives you the ability to keep track of your previous orders. In case, you have a favorite menu; the app allows you to save it for future orders. Likewise, you can save time by just re-ordering your favorite list again.

Happy Hours

One of the latest trends in online food delivery service apps is happy hours. The food-joint owners provide offers if customers order their food online at a particular time like Mon to Thurs between 3 pm – 6 pm, 20% discount. These attract the customers in off-peak hours too.

Quick and reliable

Either you are ordering from a small food joint or a renowned chain of elite food restaurant, delivery is always the priority to them. They either have a tie-up with a delivery service providers company or have their delivery team.

In general, food delivering is a sensitive and serious business where if any delay or something goes wrong, the customer can quickly get agitated and may never reorder to that restaurant again.

After all, after a hard day’s work or relaxing on the weekend with family, the customer expects to have a hassle-free experience, and that should not add stress.

Minimum Order

When online food orders came to the market a couple of years ago, there were specific criteria for online delivery orders, that is the customer needs to meet a certain amount of their bill to use the delivery method. Now, with more start-up delivery app business blooming, with their policy of no minimum order required and thus the customer can order anything through the app with no minimum order quantity required which made more customers use them.

 Cash on delivery

Owing to the safety issues concerns by some customers and reaching to all types of customers who are still not comfortable in making an online payment, or don’t use credit cards, food delivery apps companies have made cash on delivery option available. Cash payment method is one of the winning strategies as it reaches many customers across various earning levels.

 Reviews and food blogs

App-based food delivery made the work of the customer easier regarding choosing which one is best through the food app’s review. Customer relies much on the star ratings and read at least few reviews to get an idea. For the first-time ordering, customers mainly look into three features one is their food quality, second the delivery time and finally the pricing.

There are many food blogging sites which give a genuine review about many food joints, and also there are websites which exclusively reviews the best and worst restaurants in town. These help the customer to narrow the option and choose the best delivery app.

 Wee Hours

Customers who work night shifts or work up to midnight might find difficult to see any open restaurants at run-time which is not the scenario anymore, as several food joints not only pizza shops but small food business apps where they deliver anything you ordered round the clock.

According to the business standards journal, online food ordering sector alone has seen a growth of 15% from Jan-Sep 2017. Hence it proves that whether it is a small business or a large industry, online food companies gained more revenues at a steady rate, and it has estimated to even more significant growth in the coming years. Thus, delivery service apps not only save time but gives a smooth experience.

Thank you for reading this article and let us know via the comments section if we have missed out on anything. Keep a hold on this blog for more of important updates.


The statistics taken in the article are by the virtue of a report on a reputed National Daily and it’s online platform. The post was also not sponsored by any of the food companies.

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