Home News Goodbye Traffic Jams, India’s First ‘Pod Taxis’ To Debut in Gurgaon Soon!

Goodbye Traffic Jams, India’s First ‘Pod Taxis’ To Debut in Gurgaon Soon!

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The National Highways Authority of India has laid the foundation for introducing India’s first personal rapid transit (PRT) network. The Authority has also planned to ask for Global bids in order to initiate this project. This new idea of transportation will be introduced in the city of Gurgaon. Soon, the citizens of Gurgaon and Delhi will be using “Metrino” for commuting. Since a long time, Indians have been considering the idea of installing Pod taxis in several states. Finally, the time has arrived when our transportation system will bounce to yet another level. Pod taxi in Gurgaon is the next big agenda for Indians.

Pod Taxi in Gurgaon
Pod Taxi in Gurgaon

Indian’s First Pod Taxis to Debut in Gurgaon:

Gurgaon Pod Taxis will stretch along a run of 13 kilometers, operating from Gurgaon-Delhi border and extending till Badshapur Mod on Sohna Road.  Eventually, the region of Delhi-NCR will be covered. These pod taxis will be draped from an overhead rail system, which will accommodate five passengers at one time. Pod Taxis in NCR will be covering the states of Delhi and Haryana, precisely.

Pod Taxi in Gurgaon
Pod Taxi in Gurgaon

This entire venture will cost Rs.850 Crores, for which international investors will be investing as well. The Rapid Transit Network, also called Metrino will be running through 16 stations, as planned till now. This new rail network will start its operation Gurgaon, nearby Ambience Mall. This rail network will have automatic vehicles that will run at close intervals, just like the metro trains. Passengers can get in or get out at their preferred stations. Passengers, if the situation demands, might also hire the entire taxi for reaching the desired destination. In these cases, the pod will take its passengers directly to the station, skipping the stations in middle. The pod taxis will run at an average speed of 60 kmph. The Authority will be installing 1,100 pod taxis which will in total carry 30,000 passengers in one direction. The land required for setting up this entire plan is 29 acres that is available with NHAI and Haryana Government.

Station covered by this PRTs system include – Ambience Mall, Udyog Vihar, Sector -45, IFFCO Chowk, Signature Tower, Sector – 31, Jharsa Road, Rajeev Chowk, Devi Lal Stadium, Sector – 38, Subhash Chowk, Sector – 47 and Sector – 50. The station of Sector – 50 will serve as the docking station for this entire PRT system.

Pod Taxi in Gurgaon
Pod Taxi in Gurgaon

This entire assignment will take time of a year, after which the same rail system will be extended up to Dhaula Kuan and Manesar. When a kilometer of metro is constructed, it costs Rs. 250 crore, but for construction one kilometer for Metrino will cost Rs. 70 crore. Metrinos’ are also lighter in weight as compared to other modes of transportation. The private company that has set up the PRT system will be investing for this tenure. The company has decided that the entire investment will be recovered through tickets in the span of 25 years. This project is already under the control of NHAI Government and Haryana Government agencies. Pod taxis in India will be soon functioning, which will lead to a considerable decrease in traffic.

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