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Is there Any Google Algorithm Update Rolling Out in June 2017?

Google Algorithm Update 2017- EduMovLive represents new Google Update rolling out in June 2017. There’s no denying the fact that Goggle has a long history of great algorithm updates and yet again we are getting reports from several comments from webmasters being suspectful about a new algorithm update saying they’ve noticed changes in Google’s search engine.

Google Algorithm Update 2017- is there any confirmation?

It seems this update has been rolled out by Google sometime around 25 June although Goggle has not confirmed anything about it.

You should also check your ranking and analytics and you might get surprised seeing the changes in your traffic, hopefully in a positive way. As can be observed, this algorithm update has impacted web pages in a variety of ways like some sites are surging or dropping by 20-30% whereas some are seen dropped by more than 60-70% and then recovered within a couple of days.

It seems Google is trying to work on making its customers happy and satisfied by providing them with the quality content just as what they expect. The rankings of the websites having the content which could not meet user’s expectations are dropping.

Also, we can see that the frequency of such quality updates is increasing. We’ve got nearly six algorithm updates in the beginning of this year itself i.e. before June which means we’ve got updates every single month and even twice in a month sometimes. On one side, it’s good for the sites which have been impacted negatively but on another side, it means that sites can be impacted more frequently and not just once every few months. Google definitely seems to be pushing such updates atleast monthly now so one should be ready to tackle that.

If you are adversely impacted this algorithm update or if you just want to be on a safer side for upcoming updates, then here are some things which you can do:

  • Try improving your low quality content and focus on quality indexation.
  • Stop annoying your users with aggressive advertisements which are hard to close.
  • Not just analyse your site from the content standpoint but also from user experience standpoint.
  • Make sure what you are publishing is relevant to the title and unique in its content.
  • Try hunting down the problems which are causing content problem. Don’t overlook the technical SEO because that is also extremely important.

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