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Here is how to find the Environmentally Friendly Construction Companies

Are you thinking about playing your part and reducing your carbon footprint by converting your home into an energy-saving wonderland? If you have some sustainable home renovations lined up, it’s time to find a construction company that can make your dreams come true. It may seem extremely challenging to find an environmental friendly construction company who shares your passion for protecting the planet, but actually, it is not

Many companies have decided to become more socially responsible as it helps them attract even more customers. In a recent study, 72% of homeowners believed that their purchasing choices could have a meaningful impact on social and environmental issues. What’s more, millennials listed energy efficiency and sustainability as the top feature they look for in a residential and commercial project. This is why a lot of companies are trying to make changes inside out and rebranding themselves as eco-friendly.

But how will you know that the construction company you have decided to work with is genuinely passionate about the environment and has not only added a leaf to their logo to make themselves appear ‘green.’ Following is a thorough guide that will help you find an environmentally friendly construction company. Hopefully, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

1- Do your homework

For starters, it is important to learn more about ‘green architecture.’ According to the EPA, green building is using processes and creating structures that are resource efficient and environmentally responsible and use materials which protect human health and the environment throughout the structure’s life-cycle.

Hence, incorporating green design in your home or office building is not only better for your health and environment but will also help you save money in the long run.

2- List your priorities

Before you start looking for an environmentally friendly construction company, it is essential to know what type of renovation are you looking for? It is a full-scale renovation arise you just looking to make a few tweaks to increase energy savings?

Write it all down sequentially and then start to look for an expert construction company that can fulfill your needs.

3- Research

Now that you have a direction, start looking for construction companies in your area that specialize in green architecture. The Energy Star website has a complete list of builders that are sorted according to location. Ask in your social network for their suggestions, especially if they have recently carried out environmentally friendly renovations in their home or offices.

4- Ask for a green certificate

Before you finalize a construction company, ask them to explain their green certification and other environmentally friendly projects they have worked on previously. While no particular regulatory agency licenses construction companies as ‘green,’ there are a few quality certifications that a decent eco-friendly contractor should possess. LEED is a great place to start!

5- Look at their building techniques

An ordinary construction company does not use sustainable building techniques. Due to this reason, large amounts of CO2 are emitted during and after the construction process.

Make sure the construction company uses green and sustainable building methods such as recycled materials, innovative techniques, solar panels and solar thermal cladding.

Environmentally friendly construction companies always assess what materials can be reused or recycled. Instead of dumping all materials from demolition sites into landfills, they try to reuse things like carpet and other flooring material. Wood and drywall can be crushed and used as aggregate materials for more construction projects. Reducing waste and recycling material can help reduce costs and carbon footprint. It’s an excellent practice that should be adopted by construction companies all over the world.

6- Using wind and solar power

A construction company that is serious about preserving the environment will incorporate eco-friendly alternatives to traditional HVAC systems. There are so many applications in design that harness the power of wind and sun to reduce the overall energy usage. Seamlessly integrated turbines, solar panels, and photovoltaic windows are already being used to reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

7– Take a look at their office practices

If a construction company is really passionate about saving the environment, they’ll implement small energy saving practices in their office too. Have they ditched thermocol cups and are using flasks and ceramic mugs instead? Have they minimized the use of paper and switched to technology? If yes, then be assured that you have landed at the right place!

Closing thoughts

Choosing an environmentally friendly construction company can do wonders for your renovation project. You might be spending a little more than what regular construction companies charge but think about the reduced net-costs for energy in the future. Incorporating a few green changes in your home or office will not only make it a healthier place to live in but will also give it a better resale value in the future.

Plus, demonstrating that you care about the planet sets an excellent example for your kids and future generations! Together with an environmentally friendly construction company, you will be doing the right thing. If you are equally passionate about your environment, comment below and let us know thoughts about this.

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