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This is How Saurabh Chhabra Started DigiDir, a Digital Marketing Company and made it a Success

Saurabh Chhabra DigiDir
Saurabh Chhabra DigiDir

Sporting a very helpful and kind personality, Saurabh Chhabra, CEO & Director at DigiDir Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd always believes in keeping his foot strongly grounded. Confident, successful yet soft spoken he has over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing. His venture DigiDir is one of the finest Digital Marketing Agencies operating from Noida, India.

With Digital Marketing for companies constantly on the rise, theirs is a renowned company with 250 plus successful projects already completed and more in the pipeline.

Founders Note:

I have learned a lot about Business, SEO, Social Media Marketing, SEM (PPC), SMM, Google AdWords, Blogging, Content Marketing, etc. Learning is still in process and I believe it’s a never ending process. I’m putting efforts to create the most brilliant companies around the world. I am already helping many startups with their challenges in Digital and growth marketing.

About Saurabh Chhabra, CEO & Founder at DigiDir.

Saurabh Chhabra belongs to a Middle-Class family based in Uttarakhand. He always had dreams. So, he planned to move out of his small city and work on his dreams. He started with getting admission to one of the best Engineering colleges in Dehradun. This is the same place where Saurabh Chhabra decided to live life on his own ways and own terms.

How it Started.

saurabh chhabra digital marketing digidirSaurabh Chhabra’s journey started with blogging in 2010 when he was doing engineering in Dehradun just to earn some extra bucks. But he didn’t get success in the first 6 months. Still, he kept patience and didn’t leave hope. He spent nights blogging after college. Then one of his friends who was earning handsome income from blogging asked him to write for his blog. He offered 3K INR per month for 80-90 articles in a month. Saurabh started working for him and learned a few more techniques in the process. That is when he started working on his own blog again. Finally, monthly income was touched to 15K INR after learning from failures.

Difficulties & Challenges were always part of the Journey.

After the first payment, his blog was penalized by Google because of some Google Updates. But he didn’t give up and started a new blog with that 15K INR savings. He started earning 10K-15K INR again after 3-4 months with hard and smart work. And again after 6 months, another blog got personalized by google. He checked every possibility of errors in strategy and started again. In the next 1 year, no blog of Saurabh was penalized. The new blog started. This was the last semester of his college. And soon, he started earning 20-25K INR monthly from blogging and then 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs monthly. But still, he was afraid, will any organization hire him after college

With practical experience, he wanted to look out for a job. However, he was not confident about his placement. He mentioned, his communication skills were not as per any companies’ requirements or standards. Still, he tried and appeared for interviews. In 98% of the interview rounds, he was rejected in the first round of their hiring process.

When Opportunity Strikes…

Then one more startup visited and again the process started with “Group discussion” and he was very reluctant to even appear for it. However, the Company’s founder made it compulsory for everyone to speak on a topic during the Group Discussion. When he was asked what I do during free time? He shared every detail of whatever he did in relation to blogging. Saurabh was the only person who got shortlisted that day in college placement. And he was offered a salary of 13K INR per month (probation period). He accepted the offer and joined and started giving results.

After more discussion, Saurabh Chhabra shared, he got a good hike in salary after a few months. He added, “learned a lot from the challenges I was getting day by day in my first organization. Then I started understanding algorithms of Google in-depth and I researched everything related to the search process, keywords and executed new ideas.”

After 1 year, Saurabh left his job and joined another startup and worked for 2.2 years for them and got a chance to learn and execute new ideas again.

How DigiDir Started and what was the motive behind this.

In 2017, Saurabh planned to start his own business. But things were not in favour as he had not much savings. So, he decided to join a new job in Noida. Parallelly, he got some freelance projects. It was tough to manage freelance work with a job. However, he gave his best shot. He added, “my personal life was literally in shatters. I was not getting time for myself because I wanted to perform on each project I was handling parallel to my dream to start my own company soon.

In April 2018, all my hard work started showing colors. I quit the job and started DigiDir, a Digital Marketing Agency and continued working on freelance projects only. I started DigiDir with only 10K INR savings.

Then some businesses discussed their Digital Marketing challenges with me and asked me to provide Digital Marketing services to them. I started alone and hiring was a big challenge. Finding the right people was always challenging.”

This is how Saurabh Chhabra entered into Digital Marketing and started his own venture Saurabh learned everything from Google, YouTube and some other sources on Internet but now he is giving Business Consulting, Digital Marketing Consulting and Digital Marketing training to students, working professionals, and business people.

How he Grew From One-Man Army To A Good Team

It was tough at the beginning. So, he trained one employee. Focused on quality and then other employees joined. People started trusting Saurabh and his strategies and DigiDir kept growing. So, right now he is helping lots of businesses with their Digital Marketing challenges in India, Australia, Canada, Mauritius, Dubai, Amsterdam, and the USA.

Going digital can lead you through to an enormous audience across the globe. The reach is huge and at the same time, the medium is very cost-effective and hassle free. Tracking customers and marketing efforts become easier. The customers also develop brand loyalty. They can also leave feedback about the products or services which then maps the customer expectations and satisfaction effectively.

Everyone feels comfortable being online. Customers prefer online more than offline these days. People are pressed for time which is why they don’t have time to search for local stores or even go through traditional marketing mediums. So, businesses to promote themselves better should use the digital mode.

saurabh chhabra ceo and founder digidir

After DigiDir’s first Anniversary, Saurabh added Digital Marketing Course and Website Development services to his list. DigiDir celebrated its 3rd business anniversary on 25th April 2021. He also foresees setting up Digital Marketing Institutes.

Who Inspired Saurabh To Become Bigger And Better?

He compares his today with yesterday and he finds it better. He keeps watching motivational and inspiring videos and keeps learning and acquiring more skills. This certainly keeps me going. We will reach the tip for sure.

After lots of small and big challenges during this journey, he never gave up. He knows better how to keep himself motivated in any situation.

He added, “Patience is the key. Keep your mind calm. You can fight in any situation. Some false allegations tried stopping me in the past few months. But nobody stops you when you’re doing something good and some people trust you who actually know you”

Since DigiDir started, Saurabh’s main focus was to deliver quality. He is trying to fill a gap in the digital marketing industry and he was able to do it for many business people across India and outside India also. He further added, “Building a team who can trust on your ideas and strategy was really difficult. Money was never my priority since I entered this industry”.

DigiDir is a one stop solution to all your digital marketing needs. For Digital Marketing Course, Digital Marketing Consulting or Digital marketing services, Website Development, contact Saurabh. He will guide you with the right strategy and execute it.

We wish Saurabh Chhabra Good luck for his journey ahead.

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