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How to Increase Sales on Christmas by Digital Platforms for your Business

Year’s most awaited season is here, Santa is on his way…ho ho ho. Kids have drafted their wishes and have hanged it on Christmas trees. Their parents must be busy with the other arrangements for Christmas and they might be wishing to get their things done by a secret Santa. The e-commerce website and m-commerce app are the secret Santa for parents.

Christmas holidays call for a lot of order management and inventory management for salespersons. It is everything digital these days so how to increase sales using digital platforms is the only thing every organization has on the mind.

increase sales on christmas by digital platforms

Increase Sales using Digital Platforms:

At prime have a sales target you want to achieve this year and then move forward. Action without a plan is of no use. Secondly, be clear with your target audience and then start the planned digital marketing campaign. Use Christmas as an iron in the fire and make most of it now.

  • Innovate various POS schemes
  • Have targeted audience
  • Let the world know offers you’re giving during Christmas season
  • Paint everything red and white on your webpage
  • Use social media to grab the attention of the audience

Sales can be increased using Point of Sale System or POS System. Market the products by highlighting its use and make the audience have that urge of need. During such peak season always have a free shipping policy or a nominal shipping membership scheme. Point of sale system or POS System can boost up by introducing different payment options for customers.

1.) Start Campaigning right now

Have varied offers on an e-commerce website and m-commerce app, start campaigning for it too. Design the packaging of products based on the occasion and handover your customers in a Christmas themed packages. This customized packets will add that little oomph to your customers. Use the emotion card for customers have such themes and offers which hits the audience’s emotions.

2.) Master the art of using AdWords

Don’t forget to use Adwords campaigns during such peak season or else you’ll lag behind in rat race. Have a flash sale hour to grab maximum consumers for the time period. Provide extensive warranty schemes and easy return policies. Have a Christmas themed webpage during the season and flash all the offers going on.

3.) Tips for Inventory and Order Management

Unless and until your products have not been received by customers it is your responsibility to have assets secured. The products which are high in demand should keenly be observed so that it does not go out of stock. If any such product goes out of stock this gives opportunities to your rivals and customer gets diverted to them. A good inventory can only be done if forecasted right. An organisation will have to forethought that which product needs to be restocked or should not be stocked anymore. Poor Inventory Management will only harm your profit share and so to have a maximum profit you need very good management.  

4.) Post-Christmas Sales Scheme:

Segregate the product categories as per the type of gifts people generally like to gift. You can also have a collective gift items suggestions flashing whenever a customer adds stuff to cart. What next after Christmas? Holidays are not yet over so have those eyeballs on your webpage. Campaign for heavy discounts as the post-Christmas sale for those who are not satisfied with the gifts Santa gave them. Let your customers know that you have a charitable percentage of sales. This plays a major turning point for every business graph to shoot up.

To have a great Christmas wishes you must follow all the things enlisted in this article and give a gift to yourself of maximum sales this Christmas. Also, have a refer and earn scheme on webpages which results out to be a good scheme to get customers on your site. Get email marketing, social media ads and on various digital platforms full of offers being provided by your site.

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