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5 Tips for Writing a Powerful Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is just what it sounds like. It is a written statement stating the purpose of wanting to do something. It can be written for several purposes which includes job, admissions etc.

Today, we will talk about how to write SOP for MBA. The SOP holds utmost vitality when you are seeking admission to MBA as it is the only document which is totally in your control. All other things which are required for applying for MBA i.e. scores, grades, awards and certificates etc. are from your past and you cannot do anything about them now. Also, all these things are situational which means they are not in your hands always. For an instance, you can have a low SAT score due to some circumstances you faced on your exam day. However, the SOP is something which is prepared after involving lots of thoughts, corrections and proof readings which makes it easy for you to present it in the best way possible.

One more benefit of the SOP is that it helps you indirectly communicating with the admission officers. This is a really good chance for all those who wish to make their application stand out from others. You might know how to play with words but it won’t make any difference if you are not following the SOP writing guidelines properly.

We hope you must have realized the importance of a well-written SOP by now. But the most disconcerting question after this realization is how to make perfect SOP?

Well, don’t worry; we’ve got some really useful SOP writing tips for you by following which you’ll surely leave a mark on the readers.

How to make perfect SOP?

  • Prepare an outline

Preparing an outline of the SOP in advance helps you in including all the important points without missing out any of them. This rough sketch would ensure that you are going in the right direction. Some of the important points to be included are:

  1. Why you want to pursue this particular course
  2. Why you’ve chosen this school
  3. What are your future plans
  4. How your past activities gets connected to this course

You can not only make use of this outline sketch just for creating this SOP but also in future as well.

  • Extra efforts for intro

The initial lines of your SOP make the intro. It needs to enough powerful and positively provocative that it instantly grabs the interest of the reader. This will ensure that the reader actually goes through your SOP and not just give it a glance. You can also make use of the lines written by great personalities for this purpose and then connect yourself with them.

  • Be concise

You should know how to put all that you want to convey in limited words for writing a good SOP. Therefore, you should think about what all to include in your SOP before you even start making it. Also, make sure to not to include unnecessary details in it as that can make your SOP look ordinary and not so appealing in the eyes of the admission officers.

  • Don’t go overboard

Make sure that you don’t go overboard in praising yourself by speaking only of your achievements as this can make a negative impact on the readers. Always try to be modest and state your achievements in a subtle manner. Also, do not overpraise the school/ institute as they know where they stand better than you. Just focus on stating why you are different than others and how you’ll do your best in delivering the quality work they expect from you.

  • Get it reviewed by someone else

Getting a second opinion is a really good way of improving your SOP. Once, you are done with making the final alterations in the SOP you’ve written and are satisfied with it, you should get it reviewed by someone else. Consider getting it reviewed by the person who has gone through the same procedure or is more qualified than you as he/ she can help you in adding up the details which you might’ve missed out.

Just follow the above- given statement of purpose writing tips on how to write a perfect SOP and you’ll find no difficulty while making it. SOP for MS is the easiest way to make it. All you need to just focus on your dreams and write it accordingly. Also, make it a point to proofread it twice before you finalize it so as to avoid any errors. And be calm, we know that you’ll ace it. If you still need expert help with your statement of purpose, you can buy personal statement online here.

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