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How to Save Mobile Phone from Virus in 5 Simple Steps

How to Save Mobile Phone from Virus- Android is the most common and popular mobile operating system, in the world. There are maximum people having the android version smartphones or tablets rather than iOS version. Android is an ‘open’ operating system, that basically means that smartphone makers can change its work, the way they want so that anyone can release an app for it. But there is a drawback of android phones is that Android is more at the risk  to malware as compared to other mobile operating systems. So even can not think about a Window PC without any virus protection, so the android phones are also can’t be left exposed. Fortunately, safe your android smartphone or tablet is easy — and free. Virus in Phone! is a deadly material for your phone. So here are 5 Simple Steps to Save Mobile Phone from Virus.

5 Simple Steps to Save Mobile Phone from Virus:

There are benefits and drawback of Android phone operating system. So if your phone has some virus, get it scanned or reset the Phone to the original Factory Settings. Then to save your phone from getting a virus, you can follow the simple steps given below to Save Mobile Phone from Virus.

1. Update your version of Android

Save Mobile Phone from Virus
Save Mobile Phone from Virus

To keep Phone safe from viruses, it is important to keep update the Android software time to time. So it will also update all the feature of your phone, every update includes bug fixes to help to defend your phone.

Go to the Settings, then scroll right down to  about phone option followed System updates. Now click or tap the check update button. If there is any update is found, follow the prompts to download and install it.

2. Prevent app installs from unknown sources

Save Mobile Phone from Virus

Make sure about that your Android Phone allows to app installation from google play or from any other reputable app store. For this go to the Settings – Security – Device Administration and appearance for theUnknown sources box. this could be clear. If it isn’t, simply tap to remove the tick.

3. Restrict downloads with a password

Save Mobile Phone from Virus
If you let others use your android phone then it’s essential to change a password for installation of latest apps. This can be particularly necessary for parents!

Launch the Google Play store app then click the menu button at the highest right – it’s like 3 stacked dots. Now select the Settings and select the User control sections. The password box should be checked. If it isn’t, checked it.

4.  Read and Understand Permissions

Save phone from Virus

When you click the Install button in the Google Play store, your android device can show an app permissions dialogue box. Don’t click on accept button – pause for breath. Scroll down and click and See all to look at everything that the app desires to access on your device handset

Some apps have a legitimate have to be compelled to access certain elements of your smartphone. An internet browser, for instance, has to  access to the net, whereas a photo app can  access to the device’s storage.

If you’re in the all suspicious, create a note of the requested, click the rear button then perform a Google search to search out whether or not or not the app will be trusty. If  it doubtful or you don’t need to share the data, don’t install the app.

 5.  Install Antivirus Software: A free Version would also work

Save phone from Virus
You should install antivirus in your android smartphone.  this can be simple, easy and free. There are various antivirus apps to decide from, like Norton Security Antivirus, AVG’s Antivirus Security or Lookout Security & Antivirus, that we’ll check up on below. Each protects against viruses and malware, interference dangerous URLs and even serving to you discover your phone.

These are the basics steps to Save Mobile Phone from Virus. Stay tuned to EduMovLive.com for more information on Education, Movies and much more. We have much to share and you have much to read.

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