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IBPS Bank Exams Preparation Tips: English Language | PO/Clerk Preparation

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IBPS Bank Exams Preparation Tips: In any IBPS Examination, The English Language is one of the Scoring subjects. If you have basic Language Knowledge you will surely do well in the examination. So here are some IBPS Bank Preparation Tips for English. English Language subject has been covered here. We have already covered GK and Current Affairs in the previous article you must check that as well. For any question, you can contact and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

IBPS Bank Exams Preparation Tips For English Language:

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The section (also known as Verbal Ability) tests your English language skills but is not just a test of vocabulary or English grammar. While you need to have good vocabulary basics & grammar. You need to read from as many diverse sources as possible and understand what you read. You can mug up the word, but this is the best way to learn new words. It is more a test of language comprehension and your ability to interpret an information given in English. The various question types asked in this section are:

1) Reading Comprehension:

  • In this section, questions will be asked in a single passage of 10-15 questions or in 2-3 passages of 5-8 questions each.
  • Note down new or non-familiar words and look them up in a standard dictionary like Oxford English Dictionary. Read the passage again to understand how the word has been used in the sentences or as a single word.

2) Jumbled Sentences

  • These are generally asked in sets of 5 questions. A paragraph is broken up in 5 or sentences and then arranged in random order. And you will have to arrange the sentences in the most logical and correct order. All the five questions require you to identify the first sentence, second sentence, third sentence, last sentence etc.
  • If solved correctly, this can be a very high-scoring area as you can get full marks.
  • If you go wrong in one or two sentences, you may be able to arrange some of the sentences in order and get marks for those. Therefore, practice this question type as far as possible.
  • If you have Good reading skills, it will help you solve these questions accurately
  • Identify the first and/or last sentence. If you are able to identify one or the other, arranging the remaining sentences becomes easier.
  • Try to identify two connected statements.
  • In the case of confusion, write the order on paper and then read the sentences in that order mentally. The logical flow (or lack of it) often becomes obvious by doing so.

3) Fill in the Blanks

  • These are typically asked as individual questions and are relatively simpler.
  • With good reading skills, identifying the words that are most appropriate to the sentence is easier.
  • Look for options that doesn’t fit in from the point of view of tenses/gender/usage/parts of speech etc.
  • Check for incorrect spellings in the blanks.
  • Consider the degree of “emotion” in the sentence e.g. if the sentence talks about extreme hatred, then among “dislike” and “enmity”, the latter becomes more appropriate.

5) Errors in Usage

  • Revise parts of speech, word usage, tenses, clause and phrases, prepositions, and spelling to attempt these questions with good accuracy.

6) Sentence Correction

  • These questions are similar to the error-based questions seen above. Sometimes they may require you to replace the erroneous part with the correct word/phrase/sentence.

7) Vocabulary

  • Since synonym and antonym-based questions are very important to be known.
  • Focus on reading as much as possible. It will automatically improve your vocabulary.

8) Paragraph Completion

  • This is an extension of sentence completion questions. An entire paragraph is given and you need to identify the sentence that completes the paragraph.
  • Any sentence should be a logical extension of the paragraph and should complete it.

So here was IBPS Bank Exams Preparation Tips. We would love to answers your queries on Any of the article published. If you have some feedback for us. We would like to know about it.

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