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Why James Bond Become So SANSKARI in Spectre?

After the censor board reduced 50% of the kissing scenes and some Profanities in the latest contract of Bond Spectre. Twitterati went ballistic and started trolling ‘#SanskariJamesBond’. James bond in his current avatar, simply kisses too much for the tastes of the Indian censor board, and so they have been reduced in length. Ashoke Pandit, which is the member of the censor board, confirmed that the kissing scenes had been cut, but insisted it was a decision taken in his personal capacity by India’s contentious censor board head Pahlaj Nihalani. He does these kinds of things and other shots have also been cut along with the kissing scene.

Sanskari James Bond
Sanskari James Bond

Why James Bond Become So SANSKARI in Spectre?

Public display of affection is offensive in largely traditional India and kissing scenes are regularly blocked in film and television soaps. Indians who have had to wait an extra three weeks to watch the latest bond movie were probably fuming, but soon decided to channel their crime into more creative uses. The term “SANSKARI” translates from the Hindi as “virtuous”. So Indian social media users took pains and make James Bond that way. They photoshopped bond girls out of bikinis, tampered with friendly scenes and put actor Daniel Craig into old-style Indian wear. Spectre has already been released in Pakistan, where the kissing scenes are uncut although a bedroom scene has been removed. In Sri Lanka, the movie is being released with no cuts at all.

Sanskari James Bond
Sanskari James Bond

Bond is known for its set pieces and spotlessly designed opening arrangements. It is admiration indeed when we say this one will find its way into the top three of the heap. This movie is also released in India with very high buzz because of due to high fan following of Daniel Craig and its outstanding action sequences. An Interesting thing is that, this movie has also positive reviews by the Indian audience. The movie starts with a heady action sequence and it does not stop as one sequence follows another. Daniel Craig Starrer Spectre is a supersonic action pack Hollywood movie which is banged in many countries like U.K., USA, China etc. and now this time, the movie has opened in an invasion approach in India also and the audience is very attracted to watch this movie.

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