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P2P Lending- Peer-to-Peer Lending Is Gaining Momentum by the Day

P2P Lending- Millennials are excited about a brand new investment platform for generating wealth. Until recently investment was confined to the traditional bank deposits, high-value stocks, and real estate assets. However, with the proliferation and rapid progress in digital technologies, a brand new consumer segment has ultimately emerged that is bringing about an investment and overall finance revolution worldwide with its unconventional and innovative investment opportunities.

If you are not yet aware of the P2P lending revolution, you seem to be living in another world. Top companies in the Peer-to-Peer lending industry are issuing over $100 million loans on a monthly basis. The P2P revolution is opening up new avenues for investors and borrowers. However, some of you are falling into trouble as you are not doing proper research and homework. You must know and clearly understand the resources and risks involved in investing in loans online.

As more and more young professionals in the age group between 20 to 35 years are joining the workforce every year, there is bound to be a phenomenal rise in the financial and banking sector services since more millennials would be seeking profitable investment opportunities for planning and successfully starting to save for serious expenditures in the future such as purchasing a home.

The Grand Entry of P2P Lending

The millennials are truly a tech-savvy consumer sector that is equipped with Internet connectivity 24×7 and latest smartphones. They are quite used to and are more fascinated towards utilizing services that are actually delivered online. When the millennials are thinking in terms of investing, they would be leveraging all the available information relating to the investment and financial products so that they could come up with an informed decision regarding their investments.

Today’s young people are fascinated by characteristics like liquidity, flexibility, paperless processing, and digital support while selecting their investments. They are far more inclined to take risks as compared to their parents and hence, they welcome innovative and smart investment options. Peer-to-Peer lending offers smart online lending solutions and provides a remarkable edge over the conventional investment. Here are some of the top reasons why many people find P2P lending really interesting.

Ethics: The younger people are really fascinated by the way how P2P lending is helping people who are in real need of fast cash. As far as, most young investors are concerned, the objective of generating more wealth is often regarded as less important as compared to helping people come out of financial distress situations. According to many young Peer-to-Peer investors, no doubt, they were interested initially in the amazingly high returns but they soon realized the joys and real pleasures of helping financially distressed people.

Some investors, when interviewed, had said that even though they had been initially attracted to P2P lending primarily for higher yields but after being on this platform for a couple of years or so, they have realized the value of participating actively in making the challenging debt consolidation process a lot easier for dedicated and hardworking Americans.

Incredibly High Returns

The potential returns from P2P lending are remarkably higher as compared to the conventional loans. Banks via fixed deposits and savings accounts would be providing much lower interest rates and stocks are supposed to be highly volatile and in order to be on the safe side, investors must constantly keep track of the market fluctuations.

Peer-to-Peer lending is supposed to be a fully tech-driven investment that promises the annualized return of around 18 to 22% to the P2P lenders who would be getting back both their interest and the principal right from the first month itself. The P2P returns are relatively higher as you are able to lend to the borrower directly and so the intermediary costs seem to be dramatically reduced.

A Tech-Savvy & Cutting-Edge Platform

Young investors worldwide are lured by the huge annual returns, tech-enabled techniques, and superb flexibility and so they are investing in P2P lending and planning a stable financial future. A vast majority of P2P investors happen to be salaried professionals between the ages of 20 to 35 years seeking additional channels of income.

Moreover, the young investors from the conventional money-lending backgrounds seem to be interested in Peer-to-Peer lending since it has a really well-structured and tech-oriented modelling that provides more flexible and secure ways of money lending as opposed to the past practices.

Another attractive feature of Peer-to-Peer lending is the obvious simplicity and ease with which you could initiate and build your portfolio. It just requires some clicks and a few basic documents. Lenders would be creating their own portfolios and then they would like to invest in several borrowers and achieve gross returns which would be between 18% and 26% on an annual basis.

Now the investors have the freedom to effectively monitor, reinvest or manage their money in real time and so enjoy complete control over the portfolios. The processes involved are tech-enabled, online, and truly simple and they provide them with complete control of the portfolio.

Diverse Portfolio for Safety

The best way to mitigate risks is building a diverse portfolio. The intention is to consider investing smaller amounts among numerous borrowers under varied risks and yield categories such as very high, high, medium, and low. However, Peer-to-Peer lending involves fast processing and borrowers get fast cash.

P2P Investors feel that they have total control over their finances but investors do not enjoy the same sense of security while investing in conventional channels such as the stock market. Today, P2P investors feel much secured and face lower risks on this type of investment platform.


The unparalleled merging of innovative technologies, people becoming more tech-savvy, more users increasingly browsing the Internet, smartphone growth and proliferation are bringing about phenomenal changes in the world of financial services and investments to be precise. Even though Peer-to-Peer lending is in its budding stage, it has tremendous growth potential as the millennials are giving utmost importance to this channel of financing. P2P lending is certainly here to stay.

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