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Pieces of Advice for Negotiations with Moving Companies

The moving process is not a cheap activity, however, it does not mean that you have to pay huge money. So, what is the cost of moving services?

The price, actually, depends on several factors, such as distance, a weight of cargo, extra moving services and the brand name of moving company. In addition to these essential points another one comes – negotiation skills. You have to understand that prices for moving services are not ultimate, but negotiable. Therefore, much depends on your skills of negotiations.

The following pieces of advice will help you to save some money when negotiating with a moving company:

1. Don’t buy a pup- Low pricing is not a reason to hire a mover.

Check the company’s licenses (USDOT, BBB) and memberships (AMSA).

2. Compare estimates of a moving company- You must be prepared for negotiations, namely, know what the company can offer. Compare around 3 estimates from different accredited companies so you could have some facts for bargaining.

3. Use your secret weapon – negotiation skills.

Most moving companies would rather reduce the cost of service than lose its customer to a competitor.  If you choose some company, but its services are overpriced, inform it about a reduced offer from a competitor.

4. Don’t give up.

If you failed to reduce the price through negotiations, do not be upset, but try once again in a couple of days. You might contact the other representative of a company, who may be more flexible in price-related issues

The day of moving might be either exciting or such a nightmare if you hire the wrong mover. Here is a list of 10 mistakes you need to know in order to enjoy this day. Choosing a moving company is one of the most important steps for you during a moving process.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Movers

1. Deciding to hire the mover that has the lowest price. Often the quality goes hand-in-hand with prices. Remember: road movers real offer their customers their service and incentives with a very low cost. Be aware of this and make smart decisions.

2. Getting moving quotes over the phone and/or submitting an online inventory list of things you will be moving. Without actually visiting your home, moving companies are not able to give you a proper estimate. After visiting your home, movers will be able to review everything and ensure it after the move. The inventory they quoted on matches what was moved.

3. Not receiving estimates from several moving companies. In order to get a feel of what’s fair, it’s important you get estimates from, at least, three moving companies. This will ensure you will receive the most accurate and reasonable estimate for your move.

4. Not researching the moving company.  In order to ensure that your items are in good hands and your movers are reliable and trustable, it’s important to do a background check on them. For this, you may do your Google research to figure out the customers’ feedback. Make sure the moving company has a license too.

5. Not planning ahead. One of the busiest times for movers is a summertime. If you are thinking about moving around this time, be sure to reserve your van in advance. This will help you avoid the stress of not having the reservation and possibly having to pay more.

6. Not asking about extra costs you might be charged. Often times moving companies may charge additional fees for services such as moving items up and downstairs, not having a close parking space for the moving truck, and packing supply items not properly packed. Be sure what additional cost your moving company charges before the move.

7. Not asking the right questions. There are so many details to consider when hiring a moving company. It’s important to ask the right questions to ensure you with a reliable company that has your best interest in mind. Some of the questions to consider are: “Is the company registered with a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration? “, “Does the company subcontract the smaller companies?”, “What’s the company’s rate per pound?”

8. Not checking with the Better Business Bureau on the mover’s plaint record. It is rare to find a moving company free from complaints. The Better Business Bureau not only allows you to view the letter of complaints but most importantly, enables you to see how and if these complaints were handled.

9. Not informing the mover of any unusual situations they may run into before the move.  To make sure you finally estimated your moving cluster record, it’s important to tell the moving company upfront if they are going running to any problems. These problems can include parking prawns, road access, leaving time restrictions, and elevators and stairs.

10. Forgetting to track of the different estimates you receive. As you talk with moving companies, each of them will offer you their service with a slight difference. To ensure you choose the best one for you, make sure you keep a folder on each estimate you receive. This will also help for other movers ensure you are doing your homework and gives you a more competitive edge. To sum up, with a little planning and research, you are sure to find the best company for you for your move. Enjoy the moving day! Have a great time moving!  

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