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TOP 10 Questions asked when Packers and Movers are Hired

Here are the most frequently asked top 10 questions when packers and movers are hired. People are often in jobs which have transferred across the country and they are required to shift their whole family if they are the head of the family or they are the only earning person in the family or when they work for the government and are given quarters. Before a few years, the shifting procedure was not very well known and the locals would be approached for the help. But now this procedure has a business which has a lot of competition called packers and movers. Now the job of searching the right party to shift our belongings has become a difficult job.

Questions asked while hiring Packers and Movers:

There a lot of startups/ organizations which are new and people have a little knowledge of how the industry works. If it’s an interstate or even intercity house shifting in India everyone will be concerned about many things including the safety of goods, the cost of moving and other queries. Before hiring packers and movers you have to first make a list of all the queries you have and then approach the packers and movers which you have selected through the net or feedback was given. Hence when you have the questions set you can easily compare your requirements with the organization’s  policies.

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  1. Is the Company Licensed?

The question in your mind that arises the moment you think of packers and movers is that if the company is licensed. This is because you are going to make a contract with them for your good to be shifted from one place to another and if there arises any obligation and there is a necessity of the company causing damage, then you can reach court only when the company is licensed otherwise it may stand void.

  1. Is there Subordination of Contract?

Many companies subordinate their contract to other small firms it might be for any one or more part of the procedure. When this is the case, you should again take precautions for small firms hence it should be enquired before you are hiring them. Even if it is the case of vehicles used if it is rented from other firms again you should check their documents and insurance as such.

  1. Company’S Permanent Address?

You should be having the permanent address of the company and should be kept on a watch so that there is no chance of that being an issue and when any issue arises you will have a place ready to reach out to.

  1. Written Documents?

You have every right to request for written documents in support of their promises and a contract which has all the necessary requirements of the procedure. A genuine company will gladly accept the suggestion. On the end of the day, proof matters and not words were spoken out.

  1. The Payment terms and the Breakdown and Miscellaneous Charges?

The total amount which is charged will have a list of numerous small bills which can be asked for and you have the right to get an insight so that there is no chance of any issue of u being robbed or any mistake to take place with or without their knowledge. The payment method and the time of payment should be specified if it is part or whole, etc…The extra charges which will be charged other than that in the contract should also be enquired about and should be in writing if such costs exist.

  1. Are you insured in case of any Damage/Calamity?

There are 2 types of protection offered by the organization it may be only during transport or during the whole procedure. The charges for it and later if something happens what is done by the organization to acquire damages should all be discussed in order to decrease the risk. This is a stand out among all questions.

  1. The Penalties if the Deadline is missed?

When your assets are at risk you should not take any chance in losing it. Hence if the deadline is missed or delayed you can discuss the penalty that can be charged against the organization so that a serious preposition is made and it has a condition as to which the organization will see to that there is no delay.

  1. Is there Storage Facility?

This scenario is not for all but only during cases where new homes due to some unusual reason and before the contract would seize to happen is still on hold and your assets have to be kept in another safe place, for this reason, you can enquire if the organization has warehouse facility or as such which can keep your assets safe for a short period till the new home is ready.

  1. Do you use the required Cartons, Wrappings and Packages?

This query is very important to be asked because it is directly linked to the safety of your assets. They should use qualitative packing methods and the assets should be carefully managed and separated with items handled with utmost care and other normal assets with should be handled with care but assets such as glass, crystal etc…comes with a special note.

  1. Do you have the required Materials for Loading?

There are many new technologies which help you with neat wrapping, shifting and loading. You should enquire this so that you can rely on them for the care-taking of your assets with ease. If not you should always keep an eye on everytime they take tape to wrap an asset.

Hope all these might help you reaching the best packers and movers in and around your surroundings and all your queries would have been listed above so that you can take the same list rather than making your own and save some of you time.

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