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Rajnikanth’s Robot 2.0 First Day Box Office Collection Prediction

Rajnikanth’s Robot 2.0 First Day box office collection can be checked here. If you are looking for Robot 1st Day Box Office Collection or Robot 2.0 Friday Box Office collection/ earning, you have visited the right platform. With the upcoming film “Rajnikanth’s Robot 2.0,” the expectations of the filmmakers, cast and crew of the movie and the public has inverted views with the insight of high returns on the movie due to its popularity because of the super versatile actors in the film, and due to the scientific super factual elements.

Robot 2.0 First Day Box Office Collection:

This movie is driven by a wholesome budget of 400 crores which is an inevitable figure, and hence the movie considered to be the most expensive movie of the Indian cinemas.

The movie before its release only got a comparison with Bahubali 2 and expected of whopping profits of 400 crores. All eyes are set for the Rajnikanth’s 2.0, the sequel of Enthiran/Robot, given great blockbusters in Tamil, now again the sequel featuring the two superstars Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth, in the leading roles enthusiasts the public with positive regimes and promise to be the biggest openers of 2018.


2.0 Movie Cast & Crew

The whole cast and crew promise to be an impactful figure in the eyes of the public as Akshay Kumar in the movie seeing under negative role make the movie more interesting since he is cast under the villain role facing the superstar Rajnikanth. Amy Jackson playing an astonishing role of the sexy robot where Akshay wanted to make the project more viable in North Indian circuit.

The director S. Shankar put great efforts and by exhibiting the Super stardoms of the Bollywood Akshay Kumar and the great Rajnikanth, elucidated the movie to be a super hit before its release and spend across 250 crores by Lyca Productions which is a lump sum figure and involves a great amount of risk but he is quite sure to get profits by putting stardoms into his film.

The pre-release of the new poster and trailer already made the public curious and insights them with a grace to watch it on a very first day first show, even reviewed by DNA REPORT too, that the movie expects to earn a profit which can even beat Rajmouli’s Bahubali 2 records streaming till now, as the whopping profits put an exorbitant figure on the movie with the whooping theatrical rights as sold by 80 crores as finalized by the distributors in order to avoid risk too, as the filmmakers wanting to whoop it as 100 crores, but it got lowered by the distributors to avoid risk.


2.0 movie has been reviewed as to break the records of the earlier Bollywood Blockbusters and hence facing an imperfect competition with Bahubali 2, Amir Khan’s Dan gal, and not only Enthiran/Robot, hence it gives the filmmakers a challenging thrust by the Indian cinemas. The movie involves a total cost of 450 crosses which eventually breaks the stardoms of Bahubali 2 and Dangal, and takes the Indian cinemas into the next level as reviewed by the Oscar Awards too.

The release has been scheduled on 29th November 2018, which will be streaming on 3500 Indian screens and 2500 screens will be streamlined with Tamil version.

Now, it has been reviewed eventually that due to its pre popularity and because of the two stardoms in the movie, the film has the power to earn the profit of 1500 crores, which is a stable figure as per the movie.


The movie has the capacity to earn 30 crores (Hindi Version) and approx100 to 120 crores, one can earn on the very first day of its release due to the impactful chronic role of Akshay Kumar since his fans are perplexed by his first look over the trailer of the movie and crossing their fingers with full hope to see him after a long time in this negative role, which marks an important reason for its success on the first day Box office collection.


The movie expected to range under 80-90 crores since till now the responses are touching sky limits and it can be reviewed that till now the tickets have been sold which marks a ravishing fact point in favour of the success of the movie.


The movie can easily cover its principal amount until the third day of its release as expected (90-100 crores), due to its ranging success on its trailer release itself; since the director Shankar can never give a flop film since he drove all its imagination and scientific skills into the movie which makes the film sounded technically good.


Within the first week of its release, it has been expected and 2.0 IMDB Reviews, that the film earns more than the principal amount ranging 121-130 crores which is a remarkable figure for the Indian cinemas and countered under the Blockbusters of 2018 under Indian cinemas universally.


2.0 Friday Box Office Collection is expected to face a sky-high limit and can beat its seven- year old records in all due to the regime facts and figures as enthralled above, since the trailer already revealed the stardom of the film and looks spectacularly large with unique scientific techniques.

Moreover, the location also insights as a major factor to put the film ranging with the sky-high competition since most scenes are shot in India and one can see glimpses of Chennai whereas, very few scientific acts shot overseas but that to over the places which are never spotted by the Indian cinemas.


IMDB reviewed the film as stated that the film has a long walk due to its storyline since it is a fiction film which involves the scientific enthrals, when the scientists even unable to understand and help the society, hence scientists took help of Chitti (Robot) to solve the problems of society and to protect mankind from the chaos.

Now, again the stardoms of Indian Cinemas (Akshay Kumar & Rajnikanth, Tamil Superstar), renowned figures have been added by Shankar, the director of the film which gives the film above star rating and as expected and reviewed by IMDB, the movie 2.0 will break the trending records of Bahubali 2 and Amir Khan’s Dangal and Enthiran/ Robot and will be shining above the records of BOX OFFICE of Indian Bollywood.

For all updates, stay tuned to the next update, after its release on 29th November 2018. Further updates on 2.0 First Day Box Office Collection will be updated here soon.

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