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Samsung Galaxy S7 to Release Early 2016 | Release Date of Samsung S7

Grab your calendars, Samsung Galaxy S7 release date chatter is coming back thick and quick, despite its precursor still being one of the most popular smartphones on the market – ah, the ever-faithful rumour mill in action. With a March launch on the cards, we’ve even been given some of an early appearance at the future phone – yes, already.

Samsung Galaxy S7- Specification and More

With the Samsung Galaxy S6, and by-product Galaxy S6 Edge having seen the Korean firm come back to former smartphone glories, it has been instructed that the Galaxy S7 can add the variety of updates in a very bid to head off competition from the likes of the iPhone 6S and approaching Sony Xperia Z6.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The biggest issue all customers had with Samsung’s smartphones this year is that the company removed the micro-SD slot, that allowed owners to extra feature storage to their device. The Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5  and additional lost the removable battery, and now not have user-expandable storage. This  lot of might be changing in 2016. Here’s the newest reports and rumors.

 Samsung Galaxy S7

According to the Wall Street, Journal Samsung’s new smartphones for 2016 can have three or four important new options, which can facilitate the manufacturer regain management of the top spot for smartphone sales.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Micro-SD Slot

The WSJ sources suggest that Samsung detected the outcry from  lovers of Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, and Note series that were ready  to add extra storage with a micro-SD slot.
Their sources recommend that the design of  Samsung will impressive with all glass and aluminium style from this year, do many changes in the phone to improve the performance. One in all those changes  one is that the micro-SD slot is moving it to the side  of the phone, and attach it with the SIM slot where users place the card  from carriers for cell service.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Pressure Sensitive Display

The feature of “pressure sensitive display” is one of the new features of iPhone 6s which is highlighted in Sep i.e. known as 3 D touch. In this feature, it enables users to press with particular pressure to open an app or view something.

So the first time we’ve detected of such a feature for Samsung’s new Galaxy S7. The Wall Street Journal suggests Samsung can integrate this into the Galaxy S7 in 2016. Samsung can probably  referred  as this S-Touch or one thing just like the various add-on options of its standard smartphones and phablets.

Samsung Galaxy S7

A price drop

Samsung’s devices are not the most affordable on the market. This is one of the  of the newest cell phone came at the value tag connected to the phone and it might be good to know that the changes in the prices are possible to down. At this time, there is the similarity between the prices of Apple iPhones and Samsung S7 handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S7 camera

Befoe launch Samsung S7,  it  has already confirmed the camera set to be best in  Samsung Galaxy S7 announced in an end of July. Samsung disclosed that it’s manufacturing world’s first 1.0μm pixel-based 16-megapixel camera.

As a result,  other would be sharper, more detailed images, in low-light shooting conditions,  whereas  reducing on detector size. The revamped camera module, 17% skinnier than its predecessor, would allow Samsung to try to away with its ugly protruding rear units.

This will probably be paired with an  improved front-facing camera – not simply to change the phone’s iris-scanning way, but also for those does not love a good selfie?

Samsung Galaxy S7

Four Galaxy S7 Models in 2016

At last but  not the least, in 2016, Samsung will also release four different Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones or may be more than four.
According to leakers, Samsung can release these phones or more than these.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7
2. Samsung Galaxy S7 and
3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
4. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If all of these are true it’s like Samsung can have a powerful lineup of latest smartphones in early 2016, probably around the finish of February, with a release date in March. This is also still expecting that  Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will also  later in the year, possibly in early August.

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