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The Blame Game

When bad happens whose fault is it? God or Human– Mind has the capability of thinking many things at the same time. I was watching 1920 A love story (1st part) and this thought struck into my mind. Where the fault lies when something terrible happens. Who should be blamed for the acts? And I am not talking about the natural calamities that happens around the globe.

For those who haven’t watched the movie: It is a horror movie, where a girl is possessed by a bad spirit was helped with the help of a church priest and finally the exorcism was done by his true love. First time, I thought a horror type of a movie has been justified.

In the movie there is a line said by the hero, “the fault was neither on human side nor was the god, the fault was of the bad spirits who are within the human”.

I agree with what he said, but every time it’s not a spirit. So what is it?

The fight between the god and human has always been focused on whose fault is it? Those who follow religion with heart always blames god that why he did to them. Even I did the same in my past. Blaming god for not clearing me in many exams or giving me the success in my life which I deserve.

As the time passes by learning new things, gaining some experience, living my life. I discovered the fault lies within ourselves. The way we react to things, way we do things impacts the outcome of the hard work.

Those who are not the followers, they blame the destiny for whatever happens badly to them. I believe destiny may have affected you in some way, but it is not the reason of your failure.

The fault is of our mind who show us the glory and the victory but never provide us a clear view of how we have to do. That is why we have to focus on how we have to do things to achieve the goal we are looking for.

We need to find the work out way which will help us to reach our goals. Once we have gone through the proper way the blame game will not be required at all. We must focus on our improving ourselves rather than playing the blame game.

The conclusion of the blame game: The winner

The winner of the blame game may be anyone. You will think you won, however, you wouldn’t have achieved anything in life. Thus, blaming anyone (even the god) for the acts you do will never help you. What you need to do is figure out where things went wrong and focus on correcting them. You do your part in the best possible, god has always done his part very well.

For those who think I am a follower of god. I believe in him but do not worship. Working smartly is required to achiever whatever you want. So stop blaming god or yourselves. Move on in your life.

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