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Thugs of Hindostan Review and Star Rating | IMDB Reviews

Thugs of Hindostan Review can be checked here. Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan’s Bollywood movie Thugs of Hindostan IMDB Review and Thugs of Hindostan IMDB Star Rating released by EduMovLive team. Here the most awaited movie trailer is unveiled yesterday on 19th October 2018 ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ which is an upcoming Bollywood adventure-driven film with some patriotic effects directed by the known director VIJAY KRISHNA ACHARYA who is known for his directorial ventures.

It is been said that the movie is based on the book ‘’Confessions of a Thug’’ an English novel written by Philip Meadows Taylor in 1839 based on the Thug Gee cult revived in British India.

Thugs of Hindostan Review: Public Loved the Movie

But while interviewed with media, Vijay Krishna Acharya stated that ‘THIS FILM IS NOT REFUTED ON ANY BOOK’, people might be connected because of the word Thug but it has no connection with it and is totally made by intervening with many different revolutionary periods which is till now not witnessed by Bollywood Cinemas.


The film carries a storyline of the revolutionary period when India was yelling for Freedom, Independence, from the tyrannical rule of British Empire. At the very time of the 1970s, when India is popularly greeted with the tag of British India, thugs play a unanimous role in trigging India with Free India but the act they do is wholly put a negative impact on the whole over the society due to their ill-defined acts, since they are known as professional robbers, murderers defined under a criminal underclass.

The movie tends to portray the vulnerable situations faced by India in the period of colonialism where every Indian want to get rid of the slavery world of Britishers.

The trailer shows the counter-revolutionary weakness of the mid-1980s, moreover, in all the movie bids the heart of the viewers with great joy and hopes since the two Blockbuster actors are screened under one dope of umbrella. The great Amitabh Bachchan and Amir Khan featured under one single movie which is ultimately a golden moment for the Bollywood Cinemas. Exclusively, with this, the character and the look of the whole cast and crew, especially their attire takes us back in the time of Russian Revolution. The beautifully carved arm our acts shuttered the eyes of the viewers in this 3 minutes trailer.

The mind blogging stunts and the eye-catching location gives the movie a double hit as reviewed by the viewers. After Dhoom3, Amir and Katrina again saw together in a violence and critic-encrypt character as ruthless warriors. It is expected that the movie will achieve heights of applauds once released in Big screen on 8th November 2018.

There are other stars (Jackie Shroff, Fatima Sana Sheikh, the British actor Lloyd Owen)who put the movie on heights by exhibiting the revolutionary patriotic raga.

Thugs of Hindostan IMDB REVIEWS

IMDB reviewed this movie as critic appraised film because of its counter-revolutionary imprints and will enlighten up this Diwali with an unexpected profit, and hopefully, turned up as the Big Blockbuster in this festive season. The jaw-dropping actions and sequences will mesmerize the viewers with thrill-in-loud creatures.

IMDB too expects a turnover of 400 crores which is an anticipated figure for now as per the viewer’s reaction on the 3 –minute trailer which is unveiled yesterday and left the viewers perplexed and make them offset to watch the movie. As per IMDB, the filmmakers have a lot of expectation out from this movie due to a heavy investment of 300 crores which is unduly marked this movie the biggest expensive Blockbuster of Indian cinemas coming up with absolutely a different storyline. This Yash Raj Films will treat the viewers with double bonanza by bring together Big B and Amir Khan under one short of action for the first time which is again a delight to watch which even pricks and upholds the emotions of the viewers that at this age Amitabh Bachchan is giving such epic adventurous shots which makes the film undoubtedly a great hit before its released.


The 3 –minutes trailer of the upcoming epic revolutionary raga stunned the public and left them unanswered. Seeing the two gems of Bollywood industry all-together, viewers applauded the movie trailer and shows the desire to watch the movie without no wait, which is the most instant reaction of the fans. People talk about the Warracious, witty and deceived attire of Amir Khan which makes the viewers curious about its filthy character in the film.

Since we all know, Amir Khan always put his best by giving us few movies which always go Blockbuster, viewing the positive reactions of the fans we expect to be the next BIG hit for Amir Khan and Big B and in fact undoubtedly an achievement for the whole cast and crew of the film.


This movie carries a plenty of excitement for the viewers and even stated as critic appreciated movie which is a commendable applaud for the filmmakers and definitely expect that critic will rate this movie with excellent star-rating.

Stay in touch to get more updated information on Thugs of Hindostan review, Thugs of Hidostan Box Office Collection, etc.

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