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Tinder and Hookups: Has Dating Apps Killed Love?

According to a survey conducted in the US, by the year 2020, there will be approximately 90% of the couples married to each other have met through online dating apps or social accounts. India is adopting the online dating applications trend with a very fast pace and it will not lag behind by then.

So here a question arises has technology killed love? Has it uprooted the real love stories, the struggle, the passion and obviously the genuineness of love has been murdered? Is now love has become a choice to choose from the multiple choices available in these dating applications? At present is love only a matter of lust?

Tinder and Hookups


Tinder and Hookups: Dating Apps has Killed Love:

We have access to so many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other dating applications like Tinder, Grindr etc which allows us to meet new people online and choose your Mr or Ms right to hook up with. Just a few clicks on our smartphones and we can download glut of applications which assists us in connecting with another person who’s hunting for a date. These apps not only allows straight people to date but also there are a variety of applications available for gay and lesbians.

Tinder and Hookups: Has Dating Apps Killed Love?

With so much of choices, we have loosened the personal touch and have got more into the virtual world, before meeting someone face to face we get to know his virtual image. By not having a personal touch you can keep on sending texts, images, videos and can also opt for Video calls as well. This virtual world is not the only beneficiary for confident or extrovert personalities but also the introverts are in here, they are able to say the thing to another person which they’ll never be able to speak on the face. You can use emojis and various stickers available on these apps and can express your feelings more easily. People who are using these applications and the people who are not using it they have a stigma, that they are not needy or looking for just hook ups. You’ll pretend to be the least interested person

People who are using these applications and the people who are not using it they have a stigma, that they are not needy or looking for just hook ups. You’ll pretend to be the least interested person around here but would still be waiting for another person to start the conversation first, you be nonchalant. Does this make sense? This is very obvious that you have your profile in these apps is for hookups and nothing else you are not here for any kind of marketing strategy planning or promoting anything else.

Tinder and Hookups: Has Dating Apps Killed Love?


It is very commonly seen that the couples who have started dating each other via these dating apps have an insecurity with their partner. They are insecure about the fact that the way they have started dating them there’s a possibility that he/she might be dating many more other in the same way. Trust is not present in these relationships. None of them openly accept it or tell their friend that they are dating someone who they found on a random dating app. They keep it secret because the irony is, openly it is still not considered a sensible thing to marry or date someone you meet in the virtual world.

Unless and until both the partners don’t make it Facebook official relation the relation is not considered legit. Is it really necessary to publicise your personal life, does that make sense anyway? Facebook was only meant for keeping you in touch with your friends who are far away from you.

We are not only expressing our love on these apps but also we express our anger through it. If a person is angry he never tries to meet him/her in person rather they just send a text with an angry emoji or might just block them. Instead, meet the person in real tell him the reason why you are angry and give him a chance to apologise.

We have got a wide range of choice with the emergence of these dating and social networking sites but we are lagging behind in finding true love. We have so many choices that there’s always an urge to find someone better, we have forgotten to live in the moment.

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