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Tips and Tricks to Clean Your House Daily

Do you have guests arriving at your place, but it’s all a mess? Or have you simply been procrastinating on your chores but now want to get it all done as soon as possible? Well, to begin with, you certainly are a household cleaning professional. So how do you plan to achieve this seemingly impossible feat of cleaning up the mess that your house is, as fast as in hour?

Relax. We’ve got just the useful tips and tricks that you can use to effectively and quickly clean your average home in an hour, all it takes some laser focus and finding enjoyment in work. So keep your phone aside when you’re about to clean, maybe play some music on the speaker’s, and get to work. Now what? Keep reading and follow this guide to find out!

Tips and Tricks to Clean Your House Daily

Free up Space:

Take a good look at the things around you. There may be a lot of things that are taking up unnecessary space. Here’s an easy way to get rid of these –  Get rid of all those things that you haven’t used in the last 365 days, and you know you’re probably not gonna use them in the near future too. Things that you can do without. This way, you’ll not only have only useful stuff, but it’ll also be easier and quicker to clean your place. Also, make a limit to the number of items you’ll keep on any flat surface, as it will reduce the hassle while cleaning that surface. If there’s something you aren’t using but you still want to keep, maybe pack it and store it in the storeroom or the Attic.

Bring it down

Always remember when you’re cleaning, that you need to bring all the dirt to the floor first, and then you can clean it all as you clean the floor. So always begin cleaning with the top shelves and then the lower ones and so on. This way, all the dust and dirt from the surfaces above the ground would fall either on the floor or on lower surfaces that have not been cleaned yet. If there are ceiling fans to be cleaned too, then do them first. And when you’re done, just vacuum the floor!


Begin with changing the sheets and remaking beds. Also here’s a pro tip to making beds – instead of lunging over tucking bottom sheets under the mattress, try using one hand to hold the corner up and the other to tuck the sheet. Now, clear all clutter from the shelves, drawers, countertops, etc. If you wanna do it quick just collect all of it in some basket or bin only to organize it later when you’re free, and keep it somewhere out of sight. Once you’re done with all this, just give all the furniture a gentle wipe with some dusting spray and a clean, dry cloth.


Expert cleaners advice that it’s more effective to actually clean all the house’s bathrooms together. Begin with clearing counters and drawers, and then the spray counters, wash basins, and bathtubs with the cleaning liquid, and let it do the magic. Meanwhile, you could do a quick scrub-n-clean to the toilet seat. Once you do that, wipe and rinse those soaking bathtubs, countertops, and at last just wipe the mirrors clean.

Living  Rooms

Begin with clearing all the big clutter, and organizing things in good positions. Now start dusting from top to bottom from one corner of the room and work it all to all 4 corners.


Cleaning kitchens are definitely the toughest part. Here’s how you can make it easy – do all the dishes in the dishwasher and leave the sink with hot soapy water. Now clean the counters, drawers, shelves, stove pieces, etc.


Once you’re done cleaning all the rooms, do all the floors of the house together. Begun with vacuuming carpeted rooms backward, so that you can be out of the room moving quickly.

Sometimes, when we start using vacuum for cleaning floors of all the rooms, accumulated pet hairs and dust from the corners don’t settle down quickly and there we need to use an attachment to get corners. It also saves us from kicking dust into the air which aggravates allergies ultimately.

So these were some of our highly trusted tips and tricks that we not highly recommend you to follow, but also follow ourselves. We’d also like to hear some of your tips and life-hacks that could make cleaning the place easier and faster, so if you have something to share don’t forget to comment!  

Of course, you may have figured out, they are not for a deep thorough cleanup, but more of a general day to day quick and tidy cleaning of the house. Going into depths while cleaning isn’t as easy as this will be, and quite honestly, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea either. So if you feel that it’s too tiring, or too time-consuming, or maybe if you just don’t want to do it, then you can call the best home cleaning service in Dubai to do it for you while you sit back and relax, or go by your regular job, and come back home to a healthy, shiny, and neat house!

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