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Watch Sujoy Ghosh’s Gripping Short Film Ahalya Starring Radhika Apte

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Sujoy Ghosh is back with an epic thriller! We saw one of his great movie, Kahaani and we absolutely loved the climax! It’s few epic dialogues still gives us chills! But this time it’s not a movie, its a short 14 Minute thriller story. This short story movie stars, ‘Ahalya’ starring Radhika Apte, Soumitra Chatterjee and Tota Roy Choudhury is re-telling one of the most interesting tales from the Ramayana.

Radhika Apte Short Film Ahayla
Radhika Apte Short Film Ahayla

But around a grim tale that is bound to leave the audiences speechless, the story of Ahalya is not revolving around ‘the basic storyline’. The Actress, Radhika Apte is in the role of innocent and playful seductress Ahalya, this is no less than a masterpiece.

Short Film Ahalya Starring Radhika Apte:-

Ahalya, in Hindu mythology also known as Ahilya is the wife of the sage Gautama Maharishi. She was seduced by Indra (the king of the gods). She was cursed by her husband for infidelity and liberated from the curse by Rama (an avatar of the god Vishnu).

Ahalya follows the story of Indra Sen, Tota Roy Chowdhury playing a police officer, who is investigating a missing case of a young model. He meets a couple with massive age difference, Mr. Sadhu and his young wife Ahalya played by Soumitra Chatterjee & Radhika Apte.

Radhika Apte Short Film Ahayla
Radhika Apte Short Film Ahayla

You will have to be glued to the video till last second as the video truly tests the belief of an individual. Ahalya is story of a person’s conscience giving away to the lustful approach. There are too many questions that will remain etched in your memory for long. Such is the power of this short film by Sujoy Ghosh.

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