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We Live in an Advanced World Dominated by Mobile Apps

We all are living in the smartphone world which is dominated by mobile apps. Apps are slowly replacing mobile browsers. Apps also increase user retention and help companies build a strong user base. It also creates a sense of synergy in the way the user interacts with a brand. There are a lot of brands which went app only. There were times when Myntra went app only before they recalled their decision. So the development of apps is not only limited to brand decisions but also to the way how users have started to interact. Almost 80% of a business’s online traffic is driven by mobile. If you are still designing and optimizing your website for desktop users, then we have a strong warning for you on losing out on the mobile-first game. Google, the leading search engine has started to roll out updates which will only help mobile-first websites.

Alright, now let us get back to our business. The silicon valley of India, Bangalore has seen a rise of over 500 app based start-ups in the last decade. These have increased the job opportunities and turned the eyes of investors. The first app which turned the eyes of the mass audience is Facebook and then came Twitter and all others. WhatsApp changed the way how messaging services worked. We no longer send a normal SMS and this made the tech giant Facebook acquire WhatsApp. When most of are still wondering what all these mean to us, we have the apt answer for you. Apart from the fact, these are making our lives easy, it is also opening up a big business opportunity for all of us. Engineers are no longer getting the desired job and there is a huge talent crunch in the tech world. As far as apps are considered, app development profession is a gold mine. Someone who has done mobile app development course with a little on-hand experience is welcomed by opened arms by the industry.

We Live in an Advanced World Dominated by Mobile Apps

So how will you start if you want to make a career in this ever-growing field? If you are someone with coding knowledge and interest in app development, then go ahead and do a comprehensive Android app development course which will help in developing expertise in app development. App development courses are available either online or via a classroom setup and hence it is important to know which type of learning setup will suit you. A typical classroom or an online course program for app development will need a solid 60 hours of learning or classroom time.

While the industry growth seems very much favorable to all the app developers out there, we need to also think about the growth and development direction. Apps are becoming more efficient. AI is infused with most of the app to provide seamless support to customers. App integration is also something to look at. The smartphone industry is growing at a rapid phase. Hence mobile app developer must also keep in mind the new functionalities and the support of OS. If you are going to develop an app which supports only the IOS users, then you are going to lose out on the android users which is a significant number. But it also depends on what kind of users you are going to target. Am I looking into the premium segment or the affordable category? The business call is yours. But both Android and IOS phones are on par in terms of pricing though IOS has a slight edge in terms of pricing.

App developers are paid significantly higher than website designers and testers. Research shows that app developers have significant better work-life balance and a better growth within the industry. Since there are more players dependent on the app, shifting jobs would also be easy. The demand in the industry is so high that salary would not be an issue for a talented app developer. App development courses can be of great help if you are looking to get heads turning. In the highly competitive industry, which is changing every now and then, the App is something who will not change at least for the next decade and if, at all it changes, you will on track to learn the upcoming technology. India is a tech-savvy country. We absorb all the latest development in the techno field. Most of the government websites which were slow and steady in the past have now won the race by going app. BHIM, IRCTC and IT filing have all become app only. The fact that government is also opening up apps, you can very well land a job in its IT wing. This is one of the best career opportunities which we should be looking for a bright future.

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