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Your Smartphone Can Kill You, Your Body and Mind | See How?

Do you know that the smartphone you are using every minutes in Dangerous for you, your body and mind. Check here How Smartphone is Dangerous and how a Smartphone can kill you badly.

People are always finding ways to know their future. Some of them even try to know how they will die. Many of them are anxious to know how was their past. There is one thing that is killing you for sure i.e., your Smartphone. If you ask me How? Here are the 5 Ways your Smartphone can kill you. And you will feel the death coming towards you slowly. Hope you will like the Article 5 Ways Your Smartphone can Kill you.

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5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Kill You:

You were afraid of your enemy, then your friends and relative become dangerous. The killing has been made easier, first there has to be a Gun, Knife, Sword or tank. But now your own smartphone is killing you. Day by Day the excessive use of your Smartphone is taking you down. Here are the 5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Kill You.

Eye fatigue

We all get tired observing little things on a bright screen. Generally, everything whatever we read should type large black on a soft, off-white background, but things are not in this way.  So, gazing  at your phone for long periods of your time is not good for your eyes. So, stop looking like this at your phone to avoid this problem. One suggested way is named as 20/20/20.

Each twenty minutes, look at something  twenty feet away for twenty seconds. The other choice is to move to a bigger screen preferably a bigger laptop monitor. you’ll even increase the scale of what you are reading to assist, one thing you cannot do on a phone.

Notification stress

Before some time when we use handsets like Blackberry. It was one in every of those weirdly-shaped grey things with a black and white screen and a keyboard. It crushed me insane as a result of there was no way to stop e-mail notifications. Either it beeped or to a small red light flashed again and again and again, till you checked it.

The nice thing regarding today’s trendy good phones is you have got the ability to manage notifications. If you do not wish to know once an e-mail comes in — or perhaps a text message or call — you can change your settings to no matter you wish. This permits you to manage after you examine your phone  what you scrutinize rather than being prompted by an inanimate object.

Potential Long-Term Disability: Head.

After Some research, it is advice that the electronics in phones and the radio waves they utilize are often harmful over a long amount of your time to brain cells as a result of the phone is control near the brain when talking. But there’s no real proof of this, the higher safe than sorry approach is maybe secured. The easy fix is to travel with earbuds or a Bluetooth receiver. They are also commonplace currently, I usually notice myself questioning why someone is walking through the food market reprimand herself only to understand that she is on the phone.


Recent studies recommend that we look at our phones a mean of one hundred  times per day or concerning ten times per hour. I am unable to think about a technology that has ever existed that we tend to checked one ten times each day purposefully. Even the watch or clock get checked out a few times per hour, but not like this. The only solution here is to place the phone down and go away. So the more  you look, the less time you’ve got to the  friends, family, and others. Sometimes, unplugging is that the only possibility.

5 Ways Your Smartphone can kill you
5 Ways Your Smartphone can kill you

Car Accidents

 There is not any excuse for using  the good a part of your phone during driving. If you need to access e-mail or, God assisted you, Twitter or Facebook on your drive, pull the hell over and save a life.  And if you are getting to speak on the phone, go hands-free or do not speak. Keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, not simply smart recommendation once Morrison sung it
5 Ways Your Smartphone can kill you
Here were the 5 Ways Your Smartphone can kill you!. If you have any other ideas about phone causing let us know. Stay connected to EduMovLive.com for more updates on Education, Movie and much more.

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