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10 Least Expensive Hill Stations in India | Cheap Travel Hill Stations

To make your trips even more memorable, we selected the top 10 best and cheapest hill stations for you. These are the least expensive hill stations in India you can travel.

To experience a budgeted and economical tour, then one can plan an expedition to India, but only, when you know the right places to go. India not only offers plenty of cost-effective tourism.

India offers lump sum packages, with which one can travel on a shoestring budget.

India covers a long expedition with its number of geographical and physical realms and also due to the seasonal variations which provide the expedition with the taste of all spices of India.

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10 Best and Cheapest Hill Stations in India:

Featuring below 10 least expensive hill stations in India, which are light as per your pocket and yet amazing, in order to provide best memorable and unforgettable memories.

1. Ooty is the most romantic and best among the cheapest hill station in India for the couples to start their newlywed life or else, one can spare a memorable time in the laps of the Nilgiri Hills. The flowers on the hills, green dense forests, mountains covered with midst of snow.

Thousand of species such as flora and fauna are found here, which enriches the beauty of the hill station.

Ooty- best tourist destination hill station in India

If I estimate for 1 day and 2 nights, then it may cost for merely 3000 INR hotel and food for a person costs 300 INR, moreover, travelling is also relatively cheaper than other famous hill stations.The senses exult here in the midst of the exotic botanical gardens, Rosegarden, verdant hills, historical buildings, tea plantations and of course, homemade chocolates.

2. Nainital is the other place which enriches the feeling of romanticism and allure with the cost-effective budget and is one of the cheapest hill station in Uttarakhand. It is the most famous tourist spot and consists of beautiful hills and eye shaped lakes give a picturesque image of the perfect holiday destination.

The holiday package for Nainital costs approx 2600 INR per person for 2 days 1 night, which is a minimum budget, one can take and backpack and plan for a perfect holiday. Rock climbing, trekking, rappelling, bonfire with snacks and music, camp games.

Altitude zoo, Bhimtal, Sattal, Naina Devi temple, nine lakes, Raj Bhavan etc are a number of tourist attractions.

In the evening one can take a nature walk ride over the silent valley and under the gloomy pleasant weather, one can enchant their couples.

nainital lake- hill station in india

3. Kasauli is the most popular and most visited hill station in India and is famous for family, couples and kids. This hill station has an autonomous relevance in terms of its beauty in terms of nature and religious values.

Kasauli is the popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh having distinct temple visits, trekking and heritage which is a source of attraction for a number of travellers.

If we talk in terms of budget, then this place comes under the cheapest value which offers travellers a large number of budget trips in India.

A per person cost approx 4000 INR, as per 2 days 1 night, including, accommodation in hotels, food and various other amenities needed by couples, family and kids.

The route to Kasauli is one of the cheapest which one can afford very easily for unplanned trips. This place offers a scenic and stunningly beautiful hill station, which offers natural beauty with panoramic views.The tranquillity and freshness make this place ideal for honeymoon destinations. One can cherish great moments in the cheapest hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh among the picturesque hills.

Kasauli- beautiful hill station in india

4. Mount Abu is the most visited and popular hill station in Rajasthan, which is the best summer destinations in India. It is the place which is enclosed all through within the Aravalli ranges.

It is among the most important Jain pilgrimages in India, which offers various elite and religious sites and is famous for its wall paintings and cave paintings and even the tranquillity which offers positivism among the travellers too, and has great stories which are renowned. The great Balaji temple, Nakki lake, Dilwara temple, Gabbar -Balaji, Trevor’s tank, sunset point, Mount Arbuda.

Mount Abu is the most economical hill station in India where one can go with approx 4000 INR per person for 2 days 1 night and spend a memorable vacation in the arms of the sand dunes.

This place is called for its peculiar natural beauty and considered as the Oasis of the desert.

mount abu rajasthan hill station in India

5. Khandala is the most popular hill station, especially mostly visited by the Mumbai. People plan for Khandala in order to get relief from the humid climate, sunstrokes and traffic-laden roads and to embrace nature in one and all.

It is the most popular hill station for those who have the budget as the constraint and those who are affluent travellers.

This place offers a perfect landscape to nature lovers and is one of the monsoon gateways of India and is the best-suited place for the people to get away from the mundane activities.

There are luxurious hotels as well as middle range hotels,  which falls in one ‘s budget and provides contemporary facilities and services, in order to accommodate plenty of tourist inflow.

The estimated budget to travel this green valley hill station is approx 3000INR per person as per 1 day 1 night.

khandala mumbai hill station in India

6. Dharamsala is the other popular tourist haunts of Himachal Pradesh, which is famous for its scenic beauty and exotic landscapes exhibiting both natural and religious values which depict the picture of placidness and stillness.

It is the most visited place and popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh for religious activities enormously. It is wholly known as mini-Tibet, consisting various small monasteries and temples, which shed a magical and assortative sparkling vibe which creates positivity in the environment and hence people come here, to reside in the arms of nature.

One can plan for Dharamsala easily within a budget of 1500 INR per person for 2 days and 1 night, which is inevitably cheaper and much cost-effective for those who love treks, camping, paragliding and cheap adventurous trips.

Dharamshala himachal pradesh hill station in India

7. Kodaikanal- This is the other most popular hill station in Tamil Nadu, highly recommended for couples to plan for a short and quick refreshment from the busy and stuck schedule. It is known as the ‘gift of the forest”. This place is rich in flora and fauna, and variety of green lashes and landscapes, cool climate, cascade waterfalls which provide a number of memories to the couples.

There is a number of places to visit, such as Kodaikanal lake, pillars rocks viewpoint, Berijam lake and silver cascade waterfalls.

The couples can enjoy the lush green surroundings of the hills and have mesmerizing views of the valley and Vaigai Dam.

8. Darjeeling is the most beautiful hill station in India and is amazingly cheap as well.

Located in the state of West Bengal, it is known as the queen of a hill station. The first glimpse of the beautiful hill station makes you fall in love with this quaint town in the laps of its hills. The amazing picturesque view of the Khangchendzonga when the golden sun rays on it are not only memorable but it is breathtaking, to say the least. The snow-covered peak looks like gold and is exquisitely beautiful.

One should take a ride on the toy train which takes to the highest altitude Ghum, moreover, the Ghum monasteries, and spend some special time in the silent and lonely valleys and falls in love with nature.

This station costs approx 2500 INR per person and is best suited for a family trip, to plan their vacation in the tips of this beautiful landscape.it is one of the cheapest hill station for family and kids too, for which packages start asper 3 nights is approx 8000 INR which is something cheaper to plan a trip with family including kids.

9. Gulmarg– This is another beautiful station to be visited by the couples and enrich feeling of love in the enchants of this beautiful place. The word only exhibits the meadow of flowers undulating down of windflowers blowing in summers and winters.

It offers the home to many skiing divers and provides them shelter in numbers wooden slate houses. Many online sites provide cheapest holiday packages to embrace the beauty of Gulmarg, which includes the nearby visit to Jammu & Kashmir, an approx package is in 9000 INR for a couple to spend beautiful vacation for 4 nights 3 days which is absolutely cheapest of all the tourist packages.

Beautiful view to Nanga Parbat, per Panjal mountains, all defines a scenic landscape to this beautiful place.

  1.  Wayanad is the other beautiful hill station in Kerala offering uncountable scenic beauty with wall writings on Edakkal caves and to pamper your partner with large tea and coffee plantations. It has several Waterfalls (Meenmutty Falls, Soochipara Falls, Thusharagiri Falls), Dams / Lakes (Pookot Lake, Banasura Sagar Dam, Karapuzha Dam), Wildlife Sanctuaries (famous Wayanad WLS), Peaks / Trekking Destinations (Brahmagiri Peak, Chembra Peak), Hill Stations (like Lakkidi) and several Pilgrimage centers (like Thirunelly Temple).

Wayanad is not as crowded as Munnar and is one of the cheapest hill station in Kerala with several rainforests which makes him perfect for monsoon destination also.

The cheapest tourist package to visit the silent shores of Wayanad is approx  7000 INR to visit with family and for a couple it can be taken off with a low budget too depending upon requirements , but minimum honeymoon package if one is seeking for a budget trip is minimum 5000 INR  one can exceed too, but this a minimal amount which one should have to plan for the place.

India is a land where unexpected weekends and long vacations too, both come as a  retreat since it provides a list of places where the limited budget cannot restrain your trips.

India is a land of exotic places, a land of a favourite tourist spot and has a picturesque of hill stations. It is a perfect tourist destination for nature lovers.The misty, mystical and serene hill stations in India are a perfect holiday option and are found in most parts of the country.

These hill stations are popular with both Indian and foreign tourists and offer a relaxing and wholesome break from the heat and dust of the cities. To make these hill stations a luxury trip for tourists, there are various hotels and resorts to cater to lodging requirements. Indian Hill Resorts offers world-class accommodation facilities to the travellers at reasonable rates and invite them to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the hill stations of India. These hill stations act as travel guides to the world of peace and serenity.Here one can walk across the fields of wildflowers and see the blooming apple orchards, witness the rushing streams cascade down the mountainside, and watch the serenity of the snow-capped Himalayas. Go mountaineering, camping, trekking and paragliding in these hill stations of India and have a holiday of a lifetime.

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