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12 Weekend Gateways from Bangalore that are perfect for Travellers

Who doesn’t love travelling? We all do. Isn’t it? But what more we need for that? Of course a little bit of time and a desire to travel with expenses bearing ability. Right? The unquenchable thirst for travelling makes a man thrive for work and earning enough money as much as possible to roam around the world like a free bird. For some people travelling is a dream, while for some travelling is a need, again travelling is a way of earning. Whatever the purpose of travelling it is unquestionably travelling for fun and entertainment, and adventure makes travelling a unique passion for those who love to travel in different wonderful places on weekends.

Trips on weekends are the only best thing to get rid of the regular monotonous work life. In India, Bangalore is a famous place, and most people leave their native towns and cities to live in Bangalore for a better job and educational facilities. People living there and those who wish to live there or roam around the place often wishes to travel weekend gateways near Bangalore spot for both short and long trips according to their precious time. These weekend gateways are the most popular travel destinations in India.

Fortunately, the tourist places near Bangalore gives numerous options to select by the traveller for unwinding oneself and give the restless and tiresome body and mind some fresh air to breathe and relax to enjoy adventurous trips. Are you crazy to know what the best gateways near the Bangalore spots are? Well, seekers always set themselves free to grab multiple opportunities to seek what they are looking for. And if one is looking for best trip plans in best gateways for their weekends near to Bangalore, then this is the right pick. Still thinking you are wasting timing on wandering places? Then better not to waste it anymore and look forward to the weekend gateways from Bangalore.

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Weekend Gateways From Bangalore For Traveller’s Long Trips:

The weekend gateways around Bangalore are generally the places considered as the long trip spots to visit. Some well-known places are-

1.) Vagamon of Kerala

Vagamon is famous for its scenic beauty and picturesque landscape situated in the hilly regions of Idukki in Kerala. This place is a perfect pick for nature lovers as surprisingly this beautiful place has still managed to retain its natural beauty far from the artificiality and commercial touch; a quiet, peaceful place fir for romantic adventures. The Vagamonians boasts about the forests of the wonderful valley of spine, meadows, and estates of tea covered with mists and fog. The distance of Vagamon is 555km from the bus stand of Kempegowda. To get there travelling by road is the best way. This is popular for trekking, attending paragliding as well as enjoying the festival of parasailing.

Vagamon of Kerala

2.) Alleppey of Kerala

One of the popular house boating spot of Kerala previously used to be known as Alappuzha. Do you know the reason why is it called the “Venice of the East”? That is because of its tranquillity of backwaters, tidy beaches and attracting lagoons. From the bus stand of Kempegowda, it is 560kms far from Allepy. The plus point is travelling is possible in every way that is by railways or by air route or by road. The main places where tourists prefer visiting here are the beach of Allepy, Pathiramanal, the palace of Krishna Puram, the Amaze world and the lighthouse of Allepy including the memorial museum named Revi Karuna. This place is popular for house boating, small villages having backwaters, visiting church and cycling around the place.

Alleppey of Kerala

3.) Goa

If one is looking for enjoying the beach and cheap wine in cost with high quality, Goa is the best place. It has an amazing nightlife with awesome food and friendly neighbours. It is 558km from the bus stand of Kempegowda. As it is the place previously for a long time taken up by the foreigners, this place has the aura of foreign styles and rituals evident from the multiple churches and many beaches. Among them some famous are ST. Francisco church, the church of Virgin Mary, the fort of Chapora, Baga beach, etc. Air routes or road or railways can travel it as available and preferable.

goa- weekend gateways from bangalore

4.) Kovalam of Thiruvananthapuram

This tourist spot is preferable for those whole loves to spend their weekends in tranquillity. The three beautiful beaches that are rocky in this town uniquely form the crescent-like shape of the beach. This place is famous for seafood and a therapeutic massage near the beach. It is729km from the bus stand of Kempegowda. Some well-known beaches are Hawah, Lighthouse, Samudra, etc. Other than that there is the castle of Halcyon, the lake of Vellayani, the art gallery of Kovalam, etc. Air routes or road or railways can travel it.

Kovalam of Thiruvananthapuram

5.) Munnar

The greenish beauty of the Munnar hill station of Kerala makes it an eye-attracting place. Many areas ensure wildlife protection. Tourists require special permission if they wish to see them. It is 480km from the bus stand of Kempe Gowda. To travel Munnar only road and rail are the only means. The Dam of Mattupetty, the Gap of Lock Heart, photo point, the waterfalls of Attukal are some places to visit in Munnar.


6.) The Kodaikanal of Tamil Nadu-

In Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is situated in Dindigul. Wondering why it is called the “Princess of the Hills”? That is due to its beautiful landscape. It is 468km from the bus stand of Kempegowda. Trekking, boat riding, cycling are the activities that tourists enjoy here. No air routes. There are some famous lakes like Berijam, some parks like Bryant, Chettiar, etc.

The Kodaikanal of Tamil Nadu

Weekend Gateways from Bangalore For Travellers Short Trips

The travel destinations near Bangalore are perfectly fit for short weekend trips.

1.) Mysore

This is the city of royalty in Karnataka. This is a perfect historical place with beautiful gardens and remains to the ancient site. Road and rail routes can travel it. During Dushera this place attracts most of the tourist. The temples of Chamundeshwari, the Blue Lagoon, etc. are the famous places to visit in Mysore. It is 150 km from Kempegowda.


2.) Kodagu

Karnataka’s most popular tourist locations. The hills here are famous for its flora as well as fauna with three main sanctuaries of wildlife and one National park. It is 263km from the bus stand of Kempegowda. The Golden Temple, the camp of Dobare Elephant, the place of Talakaveri, etc. are the well-known spots of Kodagu. The road can only travel this place.

Kodagu torism

3.) Ooty

Do you know why Ooty is known as the “The Queen of the Hills”? Because this hill station is filled with the plantations of coffee and different types of Chocolates. It is 270 km from the bus stand of Kempe Gowda. Road and rail routes can travel it. The govt. Undertaken Botanical Gardens, the lake the Museum of Chocolate, etc. are the few main places to visit in Ooty.

ooty travel

4.) Pondicherry

A union territory is maintaining a culture which is rarely found in India. This place is good for Historical architecture, rocky beaches, churches, etc. It is 321km from the bus stand of Kempegowda. Peace lovers can spend a day in the famous Auroville ashram of Pondicherry. Road and rail routes can travel it.

Pondicherry travel

5.) Mangalore

Do you know why Mangalore is known as the “Gateway of Karnataka”? It’s simply because of its amazing seascape. This place has a beautiful collection of seafood varieties.it is 350 km from the bus stand of Kempegowda.by train or car to travel here is the best option. The temple of Mangladevi, the Golf Club of Pilikula the NITK Lighthouse are the spots to visit here.


6.) Madurai

One of the oldest and ancient places of India and is known as the “Athens of the East.” The Gandhi Museum, the Vaigal Dam, Meenakshi Temple, etc. are the famous places to visit here. Madurai is 439km from the bus stand of Kempegowda. Travel routes are by air, road, and rail.

madurai travel

The 12 Weekend Gateways from Bangalore are almost like the 12 Offbeat Destinations from Delhi.

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