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15 Things You Must Carry While Travelling To Goa

15 Things You Must Carry While Travelling To Goa- Hey! Are you ready to explore the beauty of Goa? Goa, with its lovely beaches, the blue waters of the ocean and the sand more glittery than gold with abundant green around must be your destination for from wherever you are in the world. Like me, I am sure you all dream to land in Goa if not time and again but at least once.  When nature calls with fun and romance, it must be Goa vacation for everybody.  Either we are young & single, newly married or little older; the Indian state offers something or other for everyone to enjoy. It is one of the most loving destinations for the tourist from home and abroad. How about having a Bohemian lifestyle for few days forgetting the tensions of life? And it is only eating, drinking and be merry.  However, while travelling to Goa for romancing the stone rather be precise the sea and the sand; we must carry few things that are necessary to carry for the tour. Before travelling to Goa, but after planning your trip, make a list of some of the Things to carry while travelling to Goa.

15 Things You Must Carry While Travelling To Goa

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These 15 Things You Must Carry While Travelling To Goa

Well by now you may be feeling excited to visit Goa. First of all, make a packing list for a beach vacation. But the main problem is what to pack and what not. Some of the Things to Carry while travelling to Goa trip can easily be listed.

  • As Goa is the place to enjoy the sun and the beaches, do not forget to pack your beachwear. As Goa is hot, it is better if you carry cotton beachwear. It is recommended to carry all types of beachwear as the beaches of Goa are to unfurl your physical beauty. Nobody in Goa minds if you wear that daring beachwear, so go for it and open up your desire.
  • The sunscreen lotions are must on the list of things to carry while travelling to goa. Otherwise, your skin may get burnt or it can turn harsh. If you want to tan yourself and flaunt the daring tan lines to your love you can also do so protecting some areas with the sunscreen lotion and keep some areas uncovered.
  • We should carry with us a good guidebook that provides Goa Travel Tips as there are many places with much more natural beauty than the existing beaches though not famous yet a virgin. We should always try to visit these virgin beaches and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.
  • Well, dear all, hat and sunglasses are a must be included in the list of things to carry while travelling to Goa. Enjoy the sunbath at the beaches to beat the heat. Take good looking sunglasses and hat that suits your identity.
  • As you will be spending most of the time outside, the morning at the beaches enjoying the lovely blue waters, the golden sands and fresh coconut water or a drink or two, the night is for exciting beach parties along with the music. To enjoy the nightlife of Goa, you must carry an insect repellent cream so that you can apply before going out at night and avoid the insect bites.
  • For guys & gals, it is recommended to avoid the shoes and heels but pack comfortable footwear suitable to wear on the beaches. As you will be a water lover in Goa, waterproof footwear is recommended.
  • Do away with the usual totes or handbags but take a bum bag or a fanny pack while exploring Goa. They are more handy and convenient.
  • The shopping list of Goa must include wet tissues and hand sanitizers. I bet you won’t be able to avoid your taste buds from the culinary delight of the exquisite seafood on the beaches. A hand sanitizer is must to munch your fingers along with the food. Wet tissues are also required to give a moist feeling on your face so that it doesn’t dry up.
  • Carry a first aid box with some emergency medicines, cotton, bandages so that you can use them in case of an emergency. It is always suggested to carry some preliminary treatment kit while travelling.
  • For the couple or the newly married, make sure you carry enough contraceptives and other things of personal hygiene as Goa is a place you can enjoy lovemaking to your heart’s content. The serenity of Goa shall surely ignite your passion.
  • Do not forget to carry the power banks, so that you are never dry out of battery for your digital devices and stay connected with others uploading the vacation pictures in real time on the social media. The enjoyments of vacation are to share the excitements with others pictorially.
  • You can travel the length and breadth of Goa hiring two & four wheelers that can be self-driven. So do not forget to carry your driving license as one of the Goa essentials. It is very convenient and cheap to hire self-drive vehicles in Goa.
  • Do not forget to take your plastic money i.e. the debit and credit cards while going for the exclusive vacation at Goa. Goa is such a place that you can’t resist any request of your loved ones. Be buying a sarong or a drink. So to avoid carrying cash, it is advised to carry the cards.
  • While making a checklist for Goa trip, make sure that you include cotton clothes is your travel bag. Goa is such a place that you can wear the most daring dresses and nobody will stare at you surprisingly. It is a place to enjoy life the way you want without any moral policing.
  • From wherever you are visiting Goa, do not forget to carry your identity card. For Indians, it is recommended to carry an identity card like Adhar Card & Voter Card and for overseas visitors do not forget to carry your passport and Visa. They are mandatorily required to stay in a hotel anywhere in India including Goa.

Following the Useful tips for Goa trip, make your vacation enjoyable and memorable.  When we hear the name of Goa, butterflies start to fly in our tummy in excitement and we should not forget the above Things to carry while travelling to Goa. It often happens that due to the excitement we forget many essential things and pack some, those are not required at all. It is therefore requested to make a checklist of things that we need to pack in our bags.

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Goa is also a place to visit the forts, the villages and take the sea cruises. They all are naturally beautiful. We should all keep our eyes open and enjoy the scenic beauty of these places in Goa. Any part of Goa can be shot for the perfect picture postcard and framed. The music of the waves rustling on the sands, the birds chirping shitting on the palm and coconut trees the romantic serene provides fresh energy to our tired minds.  The more we explore Goa, the more we fall in love with the state.

Some Travel Tips

Kindly note Goa is such a place where all cultures of different parts of the world are mixed. You get to know various unknown things from other parts of the world. However please follow some of the travel tips while in Goa.

  • Avoid being nude in Goa as public nudity is legally not allowed in Goa or for that matter throughout India.
  • Try to avoid talking to strangers, if you are travelling alone.
  • Always carry your cash or the cards in a safety pouch or in bum bags so that they do not get pick pocketed.
  • Avoid drugs. Do not get intoxicated by them. As Goa is flocked by tourists from all parts of the world for its natural beauty, you may come into contact with someone carrying some illegal items. Please avoid them.
  • Do avoid drinks offered by some strangers and buy your own drinks.

Come on everybody! I am not scaring you. It’s just an advice of precaution we must follow. Precautions are to be followed everywhere in the world and Goa is not an exception. Also, the rule of the land must be followed. Do not worry; Goa is otherwise safe destination to travel. Forget the worries, make a list of such things you must pack for your Goa trip and start packing your backpack and look forward to travelling to Goa and enjoy the sun, sand, and water surrounded by the palm and coconut trees. Flaunt your dreams and fantasy as much as you can, and nobody is going to disturb you at Goa. Enjoy every moment visiting Goa and be refreshed while coming back. Be sure, Goa is such a place that it will call you again and again and you will simply fall in love with the place. So pack up and say “Goa – I am coming.”

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