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5 Most Common Tourist Scams in Thailand

Tourist Scams in Thailand- It is well known that Thailand is a popular destination among tourists, because you get the chance to get a full traveller experience – from the breathtaking views to the unique parties, they all make an interesting journey for sure.

The sandy beaches, great food and nice people – these are just a few aspects that make this country one of the most recommended in Asia.

In the past few years, small incidents started to become more and more notorious in the countries where there is a constant flux of travellers. That’s why is highly recommended to do your thorough research on what specific areas to avoid or what threats exist in a country or city, on platforms as IsThatPlaceSafe giving you the possibility to plan your trip way better.

As we’ve mentioned, one of the most common incidents in Thailand is scams because they have become more and more common. Why might you be wondering? Well, as you know, the country is also called “The country of smiles” – here everybody is extremely polite and looks like he or she has the best interest; but in fact, you need to be very wary when someone approaches you and offers their services – you never know what can happen, maybe they are trying to scam you.

Most Common Tourist Scams in Thailand

That is why, in this following article, we will find out what are the most common 5 scams in Thailand.

   1.) The Gem Scam

There have been multiple occasions when tourists have got into a tuk-tuk and tried to get to a specific shopping mall. The story gets interesting when the driver tells the tourists that the shopping center isn’t opened today, because is a national holiday (or something similar) and then they proceed to recommend someone else’s shop where they have beautiful things they can purchase.

It’s highly recommended not to go because then the tourists are forced to buy the gems. There have been situations where they have been locked up in a shop until they decided to buy something.

    2.) The Taxis

Most of the times, when you’re in a foreign country, you would much prefer to get a taxi and pay exactly what is shown on the meter, because you know for sure that you weren’t scammed, right? Well, in Thailand, most taxi drivers have their meters hacked up – they will make them show a price that can be 10 times higher than the normal cost.

You need to be aware of what are the exact prices and if you see something like this happen to you, just leave the cab safely and tell the driver what you’ve seen. Do not argue with them, because they know for sure they are in the wrong, and they will usually just let you go.

    3.) The Temple Scam

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the most popular places a tourist can visit. That is why most scams happen around this place. Some people asked the tuk-tuk drivers to take them to the temple and instead, the drivers took them to a gem store and forced them to buy something. In other circumstances, certain tourists were told that the temple is closed and that they can be taken to another beautiful place in Thailand and were still taken to another gem store or shopping Centre.

    4.) The Drinks

In certain areas in Thailand, there are a lot of shows that advertise “free entry”. The only thing is that they say you can come only if you buy a drink or something similar. The scam is that the drink is so expensive and the bill has so many extra costs that somehow cover for a ticket for the show.

Be aware when you see these “free entry” signs because it is not always as free as you might have thought.

    5.) The Travel Agency Scam

Some travellers have experienced the travel agency scam, where you are offered a “local price” – which means a really low price for other adventures in Thailand. You pay for everything, the ride, hotel, and other expenses but most of the times these trips do not exist and you can’t take your money back because it’s impossible for you to find the agency name or location.

If you have also noticed any Tourist Scams in Thailand, please write in comment section and help other travellers.

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