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What are the Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Landscaping?

Your yard uses a lot of water, especially if you have grass and you live in a hot or arid area of the country. You might also be using a lot of chemicals in your yard which can be a real problem if you use too many of them since they build up in the soil. A better alternative is to use eco-friendly landscaping ideas that are going to conserve water and reduce the number of chemicals that get into the dirt. Sustainable gardens are beautiful and they also use fewer resources which makes them better for the environment.

Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Replace Your Lawn

Unless you live in an area that has ample rainfall, you don’t need a lawn. Lawns use too much water and they also use chemicals. Your lawn is going to need a lot of water during the summer and if you tear out your lawn and plant drought-friendly lawn alternatives or native plants, you are going to use a lot less water and your yard is going to be healthier.

If you get rid of your lawn you aren’t going to need to apply fertilizer and herbicides anymore and native plants are going to be much easier to maintain. Lawns look nice, but native landscaping can look just as good with the right planning and you won’t need to spend all your free time taking care of it. You can say goodbye to your lawnmower when you get rid of your lawn.

Conserve Water With Drought Tolerant Plants

One of the best ways to conserve water after you get rid of your lawn is to invest in drought-tolerant plants. Drought-tolerant plants don’t need a lot of maintenance and they don’t need much supplemental water. Once they are established you won’t need to water them at all. These plants don’t have to be boring and you can choose from a wide variety of interesting species.

Whether you want flowers, shrubs or perennials, you can find what you are looking for when you choose drought-tolerant plants. One of the great things about these plants is how hardy they are. They don’t need much care and you can pretty much just plant them and leave them alone. You will just need to prune them.

Use Native Plants

You don’t want to use plants that are not meant for the area you live in because these plants are going to need special care. Plants that are not native to your area often need lots of water and chemicals to thrive and this isn’t what you want for your garden. You need to provide so much extra care to plants that are not native to your environment and this takes a lot of time and it can be expensive.

If you want plants that are easy to grow and maintain you need to stick with native plants because they are already suited to the area where you live. These plants are going to be harder and they are going to use less water. These plants are going to require less care and they are going to be stronger and harder since they already belong in the landscape. While you might not be growing tropical plants, you are going to be able to choose from a large variety of beautiful and interesting plants that are going to enhance and beautify your landscape.

Create Habitats For Bees and Butterflies

Bees are becoming endangered and so are some species of butterflies. It is easy for bees and butterflies to be pushed out of the landscape because there is so much development going on. These crucial species are losing their natural habitats and it is up to us to plant things that bees and butterflies are attracted to.

The plants that bees and butterflies like are attractive and there are lots of beautiful plants that you can plant that the insects are going to flock to. You don’t have to turn your entire yard into a butterfly habitat, but you should have some areas in your garden that are dedicated to the plants that bees and butterflies enjoy.

Avoid Chemicals in Your Garden

We already have to deal with so many chemicals in our lives that it just makes sense to try to avoid them in the garden. According to this website, you don’t need to pile on chemical fertilizers when you work with native plants and you won’t need to apply pesticides either. You want to avoid using chemicals in your garden because they build up in the soil and they can also get into the water supply which can be dangerous.

Use Eco-Friendly Yard Tools

Powering up that huge gasoline-powered lawn mower creates a lot of pollution and it also wastes gas. When you get rid of your lawn, you aren’t going to need your mower anymore. If you do need to mow, you can switch to a manual mower that runs on your energy. You might also want to switch to cordless weed eaters and blowers since they use less energy and don’t rely on gas.

Creating an eco-friendly yard isn’t as much work as it seems and once your yard is set up you won’t have to spend a long time maintaining it. Your yard is going to practically take care of itself and it is going to use a fraction of the resources that it would otherwise be using so you won’t be wasting resources.

An eco-friendly yard is going to use native plants and it is going to fit into the environment since it uses plants that belong in your environment. You don’t want to use plants that don’t really match your environment because they use more resources and they are so hard to maintain. You have to do a lot of work for a low return and you are harming the environment when you use these plants. Use the environment you have to make big changes in your garden and get rid of the lawn so you don’t have to waste water.

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