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The Average Cost Of R22 Refrigerants And HVAC Units

The use of R22 as a refrigerant has been fairly constant for decades. However, in the year 2020, this will be completely eliminated due to research that was done by the EPA. It was shown that this coolant, also referred to as Freon, was directly responsible to the diminishing of the ozone layer. Since this has been phased out slowly, the hole in the ozone layer has gradually replenished, confirming their findings. Therefore, by the year 2020, people that have products such as refrigerators and freezers will have to replace Freon with one of the alternative coolants that have been developed over the years. This is an overview of the average cost of R22 refrigerants, as well as HVAC units, that are used today.

Average Cost Of R22 Refrigerants And HVAC Units

How Much Is R22?

Freon, despite plans to phase it out, is still for sale as of the time of this writing. This is something that you can purchase on eBay, and many other websites, where vendors are trying to unload all of the R22 that they currently have in stock. Some of the prices that you will find will include 5 pounds fully sealed containers of this refrigerant for as little as $129. This is much higher than it used to be, primarily because of the scarcity of this particular coolant which some people still prefer using.

How Much Is The Average HVAC Unit?

The average HVAC unit will cost several thousand dollars. That is because it includes several different components. First of all, it is going to have a heating unit, as well as an air conditioning unit, working together along with the thermostat. In addition to this, there is going to be ducting that is used. This may need to be installed. The way that the HVAC unit is powered will also have a lot to do with how expensive it is. For example, some of them are going to run on electricity, propane, or there may be others that you are going to use that will be geothermal in construction. The average cost of these units will be anywhere from $7000-$10,000 on average.

What Can You Replace Freon With?

It is possible to replace Freon with many different things. Some of these are actually regarded as not only be safer for the environment, but they are also much more efficient in some cases. It just depends on the type of machinery that you are using, how much you need, and which coolant is specifically designed for the type of devices that you are using. For example, you could be using R-134A which is a refrigerant that has very unique thermodynamic properties. It is also R-407C and many others from this website that will easily replace Freon.

How Long Will A Replacement Take?

The replacement time is usually about one hour. It just depends on how much coolant needs to be replaced. Alternatively, it may take a little longer depending upon the location of the cooling system and where on that system the coolant can be accessed. When this is done, they are actually extracting the coolant and placing it into a sealed container. This requires special tools and instruments to monitor whether or not there is any leakage. Subsequently, they will then put in the new coolant, test the entire system, and then you will have a fully functional refrigerator, freezer, or even an air conditioning unit that will be fully utilizing the new replacement coolant.

How To Get Professionals Out To Your Location

You can get professionals out to your business, or your residence, in a matter of weeks. As the 2020 date approaches, more people than ever before are making the switch to the alternative coolants. It is recommended that you speak with one of the representatives to ask them which of the coolants they believe will be the best replacement for the Freon that you are currently using. As mentioned before, depending upon the machinery itself, and the type of cooling that it does, you may need a very specific type of alternative coolant that will work just as good as Freon.

How To Save Money When You Are Working With These Professionals

You can save a lot of money working with these professionals by doing a couple of things. First of all, you will be able to find companies that specialize in this industry. Larger companies tend to offer better deals, and if you are in an urban area, this tends to be where you can get access to the lowest prices. Alternatively, if you have a very large project, even the smaller companies will work with you on the total cost. The amount of money that you pay for the replacement coolant can also vary significantly depending upon how much of that coolant the companies have purchased at one time, allowing them to save money on the total cost of the product.

Will These Coolants Last As Long As Freon?

What is unique about coolants is that they are made in a very specific chemical format. They are designed to last for what could be years or decades. They will not break down chemically, but there is the potential for leakage. That is because of the density and consistency of these products by comparison to Freon. As with most of the machines that are made today that provide cooling or freezing functionality, they were designed for R22. That is why it is so important to speak with representatives to tell them what you have, what company received from, and they will be able to determine what is the best type of coolant that you can use as a replacement.

As 2020 approaches, people are becoming more focused on switching out the Freon that they currently have in some of their machines. It is a necessity, one that must be taken care of in the next few years. Until that time, you can begin to evaluate the different businesses in your area that offer these services. You can get quotes from them, and also determine which type of replacement coolant would be the best choice. Finally, you could also consider replacing the cooling systems that you have if yours are old and outdated. If that is the case, each of these will be installed with the new coolant, allowing you to have more energy efficiency.

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