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USB Drive Vulnerable to Easy Data Leaks and Rising need for Cloud Security

Data storage was, is and will always be a tough job to pull off. Back in the days, storing data was in the form of files in physical presence needing physical space to be further occupied. But we humans do not stop anywhere and always find a way to be better than yesterday as our lust for something better would only end when we die.

Hence, the so-called technology advancements that we see today are not a scientific reaction that happened out of nowhere; rather these inventions came into existence after decades of efforts. For example, USBs came into existence along with the latest trends and replaced almost all the modules of data transfer. It was so unique, small, portable and user-friendly that it was considered a lifelong solution. But as they say ‘nothing can last forever’, fits fine in this situation. Hence, cloud backup came into existence knowing the data stored on USB drives aren’t safe at all. If you use public PCs too much, give up the idea of keeping your data confidential.

Cloud Secure:

A decade later, cloud storage came into existence and now serves the needs of the majority of the users looking for space and having ample amount of data to store. The topmost cloud accounts include names like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box Drive and OneDrive. But not everything is perfect in nature as these cloud accounts are usable but not entirely dependable. Our research further concluded that users are now using third party software(s) to improve their overall security. Cloud Secure, for example, is emerging as somewhat unique. Official Cloud Secure info at www.newsoftwares.net/cloud-secure/

The name obviously explains how it works, what it does and what exactly its purpose is. But we have done some intense research on this to give you the best possible feedback.

What does it do?

Cloud secure lets you lock, protect and access multiple cloud accounts altogether. It is compatible to work with four cloud accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Box account. We’d say such many options are enough to fulfil the needs of the common user. Furthermore, this software uses a master password to ‘lock’ or ‘unlock’ one or more cloud accounts.

Is Cloud Secure easy to use:

Its usage isn’t tough and has an acceptable interface. Cloud storage, however, is related to a lot of jargon where the not-so-tech-savvy-user might struggle to keep up with. However, cloud security is quite easy to handle even for a newbie. This ‘lock’ button on the software’s interface if green means you are safe. However, the major drawback Cloud Secure has that it does not allow you to access the respective cloud account from its original location and if you try accessing it, you’d be shown ‘access denied’ error. But through the app’s interface, you still can access your cloud account even when locked.

Plus Points:

  • Master password.
  • Access and password protect multiple cloud storage accounts and folders like dropbox, google drive etc
  • Pleasant soothing interface. Simple all in a box interface to make it soothing to use
  • Perfect cloud security software for secure password protections on the go.


  • Only four cloud accounts can be used
  • One password can open access to multiple cloud accounts


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