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3 Tips to Choose Best Mac Data Recovery Software

Do you want to recover data from Mac hard drive? There are many methods you can use, actually. You can use the Disk Utility method. Or, if you have more knowledge and skill, you can try to use the Target Disk Mode method. However, the simplest way to recover data from Mac hard drive is always using the data recovery software.

How to Choose Best Mac Data Recovery Software

Nowadays, you can easily find this kind of software for mac hard drive recovery on the internet. There are many of them. However, we can’t guarantee that all of them will work like what you want or need. So, here, we will guide you to choose the best software to recover files from mac hard drive. Actually, there are three main important things you need to consider.

The Software Interface and Operational Menu

The first one is the interface. The best choice is the software for mac hard drive recovery that has an easy-to-understand interface. You can easily see and find the button that activates a certain feature on the software.

It would be a good choice if you also can find software that places this button on the front page. So, when you open the software, you can immediately know what kind of feature you can use. That way, you can save your time to do the mac hard disk recovery process.

Find software, that also gives you detail information on its interface. The good choice is the software that shows pop up text balloon or box that explains the function of each button when you hovering your mouse on it. You can save more time to recover files from Mac hard drive with this design.

The easy-to-use interface also can be determined by looking what kind of menu on it. It is a good thing if the software gives you the main feature on this part. So, when you open the software, you know the “Scan”, “Recover”, and “Backup” button, which are three important features of Mac hard disk recovery software.

Find Out What Kind of Feature It Has

Next, you need to see what kind of Mac data recovery feature in that software. There are many features you can find on data recovery software for Mac. However, if we have to choose the most important feature, there are 5 features we will choose.

  1. Disk Imaging – you can create the image file of your hard drive using this feature. It will help you to recover from a damaged drive. On the other hand, this is also a good feature for backing up your data.
  2. Unbootable Drives Recovery Feature – if your hard drive can’t be accessed through the normal way, you need software with this feature. Usually, the software has a bootable data recovery for Mac You can use it to boot your Mac and using recovery software without installs it.
  3. Network Recovery – This is similar to the unbootable drive feature. With this feature, you can the Mac data recovery process from other Mac that has no drive problem.
  4. File Systems Support – Mostly, the data recovery software on the market support FAT and NTFS file system. However, if you use another file system, you need to find software that supports your specific file system.
  5. Search Option – this feature will save your time to search, find, and recover a specific file. For example, if you are looking for and want to recover the JPG file format, this option will help you to do that faster. You just need to adjust the search setting for this file format. Then, it will find them for you.

The Price

Of course, the most important thing is the price. You can’t put this factor aside. The price will most likely affect the whole decision for the data recovery for Mac product that you want to use. The thing you need to consider here is how you are going to use that software.

If you plan to use it for personal need, maybe you don’t need to purchase the expensive software. Just find one that can give you what you need, and you got yourself best Mac data recovery software. However, maybe you need to pay more if you plan to use the software for your company.

One thing you need to remember, in order to find out the feature or its interface, it is important to use the demo or free trial version of the software. That way you can find out whether that software is the best Mac data recovery software that you need or not. And, you won’t waste too much money to pay for that software.

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