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Why Bike Lights for Daytime Cycling are Essential

Bike Lights for Daytime Cycling- Those heading out into the city or countryside on their bicycles need to avail themselves of quality bike lights. No cyclist in their right mind will pedal into the night without proper lighting and reflective gear, for good reason too. Without a powerful arc of light illuminating the path, it is easy to collide with an obstacle or even steer off course. In addition to illuminating a path for the cyclist, the front light on a bike makes the cyclist more visible to motorists moving at higher speeds.

But it is just as important to use proper bike lighting during the day as it is in the mornings and night. This is especially true when navigating urban streets and roads filled larger trucks, buses and traffic which carry a high potential for injury and even death.

Bike Lights for Daytime Cycling:

The best way for a cyclist to avoiding getting clipped by a fast-moving vehicle is to make themselves and their two-wheeler as visible as they possibly can. In the following article, we will take a closer look at some of the bike light options available and how they can be applied and chosen for your specific biking styles and safety during the day and night.

Types of Bike Lights

Ask anyone who has been biking for longer than a couple decades and they will tell you the same thing. We are living today in the Golden Age of Biking, the technology and resources applied in a modern bike have seen tremendous development and innovation within the past decades and even the past few months.

The bikes themselves are out of this world and a topic for later articles. But, when it comes to improving cyclist safety with custom lighting designed to increase their visibility and range of vision in the city and trails, there’s just no limit to the options available. Today LED lighting is coupled with the most sophisticated designs and technologies in battery power allowing unprecedented brilliance and the energy for greatly prolonged usage. The dimensions of lighting options have also diminished. This has increased the sheer variety of options available and possibilities for application.

While you are free to select from LED-illuminated jackets, wheel spokes and rims as well as lighting strips to decorate the frame of your bike, we will examine they more traditional applications. Furthermore, some places and regions may have regulations about how road travelling vehicles, even bicycles, can be illuminated or decorated, for more information check with your local authorities.

Choosing the Best Bike Lights for Day/Night Use

The bicycle relies on two types of lights, there are “hazard” which can be red, orange or yellow and alert others to your location on the road. Many of these will have a blinking feature that improves their efficacy.  Then there is the white light that is used to illuminate the road ahead and also increase your visibility to oncoming motorists.

How Many Lights are Needed?

The basic setup will include a powerful white light for the front and an identifying signal light these can be attached to the frame of the bike or the back of the helmet. There are also specially designed pedals fitted with LED lighting.

If you will be regularly navigating the urban jungle and even daring to pedal alongside high-speed traffic, you can’t be too visible. In addition to the basic setup suggested, consider adding a LED-Traffic vest and even the highly visible pennant that attaches to the rear axle. Making your location visible over taller SUVs.  As an important side note, the most ostentatious bicycles are invariably the first targets for thievery. Never trust luck, a bike is not only a sweet prize but an inconspicuous get-away vehicle. Thwart crime with stalwart chains, locks and GPS tracking.

Mounting your Bike Lights

The bike mounts you choose for your needs should always come with the mounting brackets needed to secure them in place, but double check this just in case. These always are sure the mounting location is present on your special style of the bike frame and free from obstruction by baskets, cargo racks or other special features your bike may have.

Furthermore, some of these lighting options can be attached to the helmet. A helmet mounted headlight illuminates your line of the site no matter which direction you are looking. Hazard lights can also be placed on the back of the helmet or pennant.

Lights that attach to the bicycle should be easily removed from their brackets so you can take them with your when you arrive at your destination, otherwise, they’ll be gone when you turn your back. This is another good argument for the helmet-mounted type as most cyclists take their helmets with them.


The capacity to illuminate an object at a specific distance is measured in lumens. Many LED lights are extolled for their high-lumen output. But, high lumen output can’t be the only factor in your decision-making process. After all, the quality of the lens decides the efficacy of the lumens used over your field of vision.

Some of these lenses will be designed to deliver a beam of light that can illuminate a single spot at a great distance. Others provide a scattered flood of lumens across your path but don’t extend for more than a certain distance. You may decide that a combination of the two one bike-mounted and one helmet-mounted is the best option for you.

Reading online reviews can give you a better idea of what to expect from the options you are considering. Never forget the value of buying from reputable manufacturers.

Battery Life

Take time to calculate the distances you travel and the times you take when looking into battery life. The right charging schedule will keep you safe from the perils of being caught out in the dark with no energy. But, even this is hardly an issue any more thanks to the variety of energy saving features that can be found on all worthwhile bike lights.

While you may have to forego some of the nice compact design, many of these bike lights can be powered by your regular “AA” or “AAA” batteries.

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