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5 of the Best Free Email Service Providers You can Choose

Are you a student?

Or you are a manager?

Or are you the CEO of your business?

Whoever you are and whatever you do, an email has become a must in the professional world. It is the best medium for any formal conversation.

In our fast-growing world, there are many websites or free email service providers that provide mailing service. Each mailing service has its own pros and cons, in various perspectives and fields of work.

And that’s where the difficulty comes.

Choosing the best email service provider for your requirement can be a challenge.

5 Free Email Service Providers:

Here are the top 5 free email service providers websites which you can choose from.

1. Gmail

Gmails is at the top in the list of free email service providers. Gmail has its best strength in the number of users. It is the most widely used mailing service at this time with 1.4 billion registered users. This can be attributed to its ease of use in comparison with the other mailing service available.

Though launched in the last decade after many mailing services have come into usage, the simplicity of Gmail has had it penetrate with more vigour. The storage space of 15 GB is free. If you need more than this, you can go for paid storage options.

Also, Gmail has an inbuilt chat that supports texting, voice and video chat is an added advantage. It supports POP and IMAP.

The spam filter is an effective one.

While there is an option for you to specify some keywords to categorize your emails with customized color labels, Google magic can make the work easier for you. Google Drive, associated with your Gmail account is an efficient way to share and edit documents of different formats.

However, Gmail does not provide secure and encrypt emails.

It also offers you your own domain name through G Suite, connecting it to your current account and helps you in your business. It supports SSL and TLS protocols.

2. Outlook.com

The Hotmail of the 1990’s has been reinvented as Outlook.com. This mailing service from Microsoft includes the features of Outlook, the personal information manager. There are emails that are not personal or spam. Such emails are automatically collected into ‘Clutter’.

This is a free email service. The best thing about this email service that I can say is that it provides you with unlimited online storage. You can have your folders set up to manage your emails. It supports POP and IMAP.

There is an advantage of employing the Outlook mail to auto-respond for you when you are unable to do so. There are different templates that can be easily inserted into your emails when you compose them.

This doesn’t allow saved searches making it a bit of work at times. This cannot schedule your emails or postpone them.

3. Yahoo! Mail

Another widely used email service is Yahoo! Mail with 225 million active monthly users. It comes with 1TB online storage. It integrates Yahoo! Messaging. It gives you an option to send SMS texts to your Yahoo! contacts. Access via POP is supported.

It uses good encryption and also offers you a very reliable security. It uses SSL protocol. Its spam filter is more precise and manual rules are a bit flexible, making the spam filter less effective.

Labelling the emails and using smart folders with multiple labels is not handles very well. It does not offer IMAP access. If you are using Yahoo! Mail for free, then the advertisements can become a problem. But, you have an option of paid versions that completely exclude advertisements.

4. Zoho Mail

Mostly being used for business, Zoho has what a professional needs, like calendar, task manager and access to other business apps. It provides 5GB free storage and up to 1TB on payment basis per user. It has no display advertising.

It can provide you with your own domain name. It does not scan and categorize emails for the purpose of marketing.

It offers integration with various office suites and instant messaging. It supports POP and IMAP. This uses SSL cryptographic protocol support.

5. AOL Mail

AOL was launched in 1993 and you can say, it has come a long way. This is also a free email service provider. AOL is the stylization of America Online. This comes with unlimited email storage, like Outlook.com. It has a good spam as well as virus protection, spell checker.

This webmail also has the features: blogging, to-do list, pictures, keyboard shortcuts, IMAP desktop access. It supports SSL process and HTTPS after you log in. It offers POP3 and IMAP and SMTP access.

The con about AOL is its aggravating sign-up procedure. It does not come with a built-in audio player. It does not load messages as fast as Gmail.

Hope this article has enhanced your knowledge about best mailing website in the world. If you have any question regarding this, do let us know in the comments below.

Thank you.

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