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Healthcare Mobile Apps: How they Transform Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare Mobile Apps- Mobile apps have been the most exciting gift that technology has given to us. From communicating with family in near ones to buying a stunning dress, having a perfect dinner, and booking a cab in the early morning, the mobile technology has made everything possible for us. It has become a core element of all the business verticals,  but does it hold the same magic in the healthcare industry? Are healthcare mobile apps attaining success in transforming the healthcare sector?

In this article, I will take you on a ride to different processes and stages of healthcare arena where mobile apps have proven to be a perfect fit. So, are you ready for it?

Healthcare Mobile Apps & Its Impact on the Industry

mHealth apps, that set the foundation of Healthcare 3.0, have emerged out as a bridge connecting patients with doctors and hospital authorities. They have empowered the patients to have a detailed medical knowledge and understand the processes much swiftly. They have served both the patients and healthcare services providers with the best optimal solutions to communicate, exchange information, and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Some of the considerable ways medical mobile apps have transformed the healthcare industry and enhanced the processes are-

More Cooperative Relationships

The biggest contribution of healthcare apps to the industry is simplified and better relationships. Now, a doctor can interact with and cater to the needs of every individual patient in real-time. He/She need not worry about the endless queue outside his cabin. He/She can better explain all the procedures and cases to the patients via these apps.

Besides, the healthcare authority can easily check which doctor/assistant is engaged while which one is free and how can he/she be better utilized. This has been considered as a great effort into better resources utilization and higher quality of services delivery without spending more money.

In a nutshell, the mHealth apps – with the help of GPS technology, Chatbots, In-app Payment, Messaging, and other such services – has boosted the relationship between the patients, doctors, and the healthcare authorities. It has made all the healthcare services are just a click away from those in need of medical services.

Lesser Errors and Frauds

Earlier, everything was done manually, which was resulting in a higher risk of errors and frauds. From a minor variation in the calculation to big issues related to saving payment details, the healthcare industry was facing various challenges. However, a mobile app in the healthcare sector has proven to be the best solution to these issues.

The mHealth apps developed by the best healthcare mobile application development companies are acting as the best platform to exchange information, making payments and keep a record of everything on the cloud. The apps are enabling the end users to record the medical data in real-time with least precision error, and share it with one another. In addition to this, these apps are empowering the healthcare authority to get an access to the data anytime and anywhere and thus, mitigate with the fraud cases.

FDA Approved Future

Besides FDA, the healthcare mobile app developers consider several other privacy and security compliances like HIPAA and HITECH into the development process. This caters to the increasing demand for providing security against medical data breach cases, and eventually help the brand to completely focus on serving their patients rather than concerning about the data privacy.

Revolutionized Physical Medical Exams

Healthcare mobile apps, with an integration to wearables, are making it easier to perform physical exams and collect samples. They are, in the present time, helping the doctors and patients to perform body analysis, pulse measure, blood pressure analysis, blood test, and other such examinations, collect the samples and share with the team in real-time for better results.

Uplifted Mental Health

Mobile apps in the healthcare sector are also helping the medical practitioners to easily tackle the mental health of the patients. They are enabling the doctors to employ the cutting edge technologies and keep the patient calm, which eventually results in better procedures and faster rehabilitation. The very best examples are IREX, SnowWorld, and Psious. While IREX empowers the patients to perform activities beyond their physical and cognitive capabilities, SnowWorld takes them to the snowy world to distract them in painful treatments, and Psious is helping patients deal with anxiety disorders and other such mental situations.

An aid to Manage Patients Demands

A mobile app has made it easier for the doctors to cater to the needs of their patients as per their demand. Now, the doctors and hospital authorities can connect the patient anytime, and serve them with location-based, customized services.

Besides, the health and fitness apps have cut down the work of the doctors by serving the patients with the required information and services. This has proven to be an advantage to the medical sector in balancing the demand of the medical services and those engaged in providing these services.

Time-Saving Approach

Thanks to healthcare app development, it is quite easier for the doctors and patients to consult with each other, diagnose the critical issues, and act immediately without meeting in person. This has cut down the time and risk associated with rushing towards the nearest hospital/medical center, book an appointment, and follow the rest procedures. With these mobile apps in the healthcare sector, the medical practitioners and patients can connect remotely and get into action without wasting time in associated formalities and paperwork.

Adoption of Advanced Technologies

The medical applications have served as the medium to connect the state-of-the-art technologies to the healthcare industry. With the help of these mHealth apps, it has been possible for the doctors and other medical practitioners to easily take the perks of AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, IoT, and other such technologies, and thus, deliver utmost services to the world.

Cost-Effective Healthcare Services

Healthcare sector has observed a great influence of the mobile apps due to its cost-effective services. A mHealth app empowers the patients to connect with the doctors, exchange patient data, get queries cleared, and deal with the emergencies without rushing towards the hospital or booking an appointment. And the best part is that the cost of having a healthcare mobile app is lesser than half of that required for a doctor visit or have a person-to-person consultation.

Better Training and Education to Medical Students

With the help of advanced technologies like Virtual Reality, the healthcare mobile apps are empowering the medical students to easily understand the complex procedures and practice well – without putting their lives in danger.

What’s Next?

As per the recent statistics, the global digital health market has crossed $20 billion last year and is expected to touch $206 billion by 2020 – all thanks to medical mobile apps and other related technologies.

This market scope, along with the myriad of benefits that mobile apps offer, is a clear indication that this is the right time to invest in healthcare mobile application development. So, what are you waiting for? Hire the top healthcare app development company and take your business to newer heights.

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