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6 Tips for Students for Managing Part Time Job

Students who take part-time jobs tend to gain a lot more in life than those who do not. Money is not the only benefit of working part-time as a student: the job also imparts vital life skills such as financial literacy and management, boosts self-confidence, acquire skills vital for a career and develop entrepreneurial acumen, among others.

However, managing a part-time job can often prove cumbersome for students. It involves two distinct tasks: focusing on studies to get high scores and completing required tasks to earn money.

Tips for Students for Managing Part Time Job

Therefore, it is essential to strike what is commonly called a work-life balance for students who take part-time jobs too. Here are six simple tips for students to manage a part-time job that will enable you to complete studies and earn good money.

Tip-1: Draw a Schedule

Schools, colleges and universities have well-defined schedules for classroom and lab study as well as workshops and sports activities. Hence, you will be aware of the time you spend on studies.

Depending upon the nature of your course, include an hour to revise lessons at home or hostel. Make a small allowance for leisure activities too, since concentrating solely on studies and part-time work will deny you the pleasures of student life.

Based on the time you reasonably require for studies, sports, leisure and entertainment, draw a near-accurate schedule during which you would be available to perform a part-time job.

Negotiate your timings with an employer and discuss the schedule to get work-hours that best suit your needs. Most employers will allow you to choose working hours based on your schedule unless it is outside business hours.

Tip-2: Take Online Jobs

For better flexibility, look for part-time jobs that can be performed online, on a regular or freelance basis. Online jobs allow you to work from home. They are based upon targets and tasks rather than specific work schedules and office or business hours.

A distinct advantage of online jobs offer is, you can work without leaving home or college dorm. Hence, you save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on commutes. Nowadays, freelancers and part-time workers for performing online tasks are in great demand. It is fairly easy to find online jobs.

6 Tips for Students for Managing Part Time Job

You can register on any reputed portal such as Freelancer or Upwork among others and post a profile for prospective employers to view. Registering also enables you to apply for jobs quickly, by simply clicking on the link provided on the post. Online jobs also pay lucratively.

Tip-3: Use Apps

A lot of online jobs can be performed while commuting or during meal breaks through apps provided by employers. All you require is a smart-phone with excellent Internet connectivity and the necessary app.

You can perform some simple tasks during intervals and breaks through apps and leave complex ones to complete later on a computer at home or dorm. While looking for online jobs try and find if the employer has apps that enable you to work with a smart-phone.

Since some tasks will already be completed, you will spend lesser time during spare hours on the job. This translates as an extra free time that can be utilized for leisure or studies.

Tip-4: Eliminate Stress

Stress is the undesirable fallout of hectic activity. This holds very true for students that are torn between studies, sports and other school or college-related activities. Getting stressed can adversely impact both- studies and part-time work.

It is therefore essential to counter stress before it sets in. Your brain invariably sends an alert when stressed. This occurs in form of losing interest in studies and work and can manifest as an inability to sleep or excessive fatigue.

The first step to avoid fatigue is to look for part-time jobs, whether at brick-and-mortar workplace or online, that best suits your interests and hobbies.

Another measure is by taking the time off and informing an employer that you would be unavailable for the day. It is better to relax for a day and eliminate stress rather than forcing yourself to work and piling on more.

Tip-5: Work on Weekends

A lot of online work can easily be completed during weekends. The trick here lies in completing some portion of your work through the week and leaving a manageable amount for the weekend if permitted by the nature of your job.

A lot of freelance jobs are on a project basis. This means you will be issued a deadline to complete the project. Embark on projects that cover weekends.  A few employers offer more pay if you work weekends at brick-and-mortar workplace or online.

Should you find such part-time job as a student, it is better to work for fewer hours during weekdays and exert some extra effort on weekend. This way, you boost your income while keeping yourself gainfully engaged through the week.

Tip-6: Earn and Learn

Generally, students working on part-time jobs learn to earn money. Instead, utilize your part-time job as an opportunity to learn. Focus on acquiring new skills that may help you open a small business in future.

There is something to be learned from every job- online or at physical workplaces. Try and learn something new daily by reading reviews of your job profile and finding what skills are in demand. Once you know what sells, focus on getting these skills.

Earning and learning make your job more enjoyable. Rather than viewing a part-time job as a source of money, you look upon it as an educational resource. This takes away a lot of stress and pressures associated with the part-time job since learning becomes enjoyable.

In Conclusion

Before venturing to find a part-time job as a student, it is imperative to define your objectives. Write down why you wish to take a part-time job other than merely making money.

Every human is born with innate skills. Identify these and find matching part-time jobs. Matching skills and jobs is essential since it makes work pleasurable. Also, define what you intend to do with the money you earn.

Making a good savings plan and investing a little money from your earnings regularly keeps your interest in the job alive. These steps will enable you to easily manage studies and a part-time job.

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