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7 Reasons Why People Quit Their Job

Did another one of your star employee resign this month? Then why should you worry about it? Employees come and go. They leave after serving your company for a certain amount of time. But now it’s happening consistently and causing your company more loss than ever before

Sometimes employees run away during the training or after they have completed their training. Do you know the actual reasons why your employees don’t want to work with you anymore?

People Quit Their Job

Are the managers responsible? Or is it the environment of your company that sucks? Is there a way you can save your company before it’s too late for you to remedy this situation?

Yes, there is one.

If you can understand the psychology behind this challenge then you will be able to find out the right solutions for this problem. Research says these are the top 7 reasons which make employees to quit their job more often than anything else.

Training is not Appropriate

training is not appropriate

This is a well known fact. When an employee joins your company he/she is unaware of your work culture and the tools you prefer to implement your strategies.

Specially if a candidate is a fresher the situation is even worse. Training is the only place they will feel at home. Some managers believe giving these new hires some time to adapt with the work is just waste of their time.While they must understand that employees need their support every time they take a new step.

So the question that arises here is, how will you know your training is helpful or not?

If it consists of just the discussion and the study part then you should not hope your employees get to learn anything from the training session. You have to show them how to do things faster and manage the quality standards at the same time. Once you are able to create trust between you and your new trainee he or she will stick with you longer.

No challenges at work:

Well, this is the reason I left a number of jobs in the beginning of my career until I discovered the writer within me. This cause bothers those employees most who continuously work on the same project for a long time and master the skills it required. Then their creativity doesn’t get enough challenges to solve and they realize soon that they are not learning anything new anymore.

These are the employees who are most enthusiastic about their work and have a growth mindset in their lives.

So you have to give them diverse projects where they have the opportunity to feed their curiosity and the sense of exploring new ideas.

no challenges at work

Personal Issues

Everybody has a personal life. Sometimes people face such problems that they have to make the hard choices. Neither you can control it nor your employees can avoid these kind of situations. Sometimes they have to quit their job to take care the family issues. For some people their marriage becomes the reason to look for a job change.

What you can do here is to have a proper communication with your team. If your team member makes you aware of such events on time you will be ready to minimize the consequences.

No Scope for growth and promotion:

There was a time when people used to work for years at a particular position in companies. But today employees only want to become a part of a company where they get enough growth opportunities, where they have a chance to build a better career.

And most of them aspire to establish their own startup company once they understand and master all the knowledge and tools they need for their venture. There is a good chance if you or some of your friends have done the same. This can be a great opportunity for you because you already know who are your best players.

You know their potential and have seen their journey throughout their career. Either you can make a smart choice by giving them the right promotion they seek or wait till the day they leave your company and you behind and make something good their own.

Career Assessment

“Why 99 Percent of People Choose the Wrong Career Path”

This is the title of an article on Inc. blog written by J.T. O’Donnell.

You can easily assume the huge number of people who make wrong career choices in their lives.

Then what about the people who work in your office?

This is one of the top reasons why employees leave their jobs.

They evaluate their professional life on the basis of following measurements:

  • Do they enjoy the work they do?
  • Is this job helping them to reach their life goals?
  • Are they reaching their true potential in your company?

They will leave your company today or tomorrow. So you must work on your hiring process.

A proper counselling can help you know what the candidate really want to do in his life.

Recognition and Rewards must be a part of your culture:

Your employees work hard to reach your business goals or at least they think they do.

Managers are so busy in their job that they don’t find the time to appreciate the efforts of their employees.

The mistake they make here is to think that money is the only thing employees are working for.

No, they are not. They are working for the moments they can feel proud for and the success stories  they can share with their family and friends.

It does not matter how busy you are, get out of your office and tell your employees how valuable work they are doing for you.

No idea about your purpose

In the end of this article let’s talk about sharing your vision with your employees.

If they do not know what is your purpose then how they will find inspiration to work for you.

You have to think about it.

And remember always to connect with your employees is a very important part of your leadership.


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