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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Wallets that You can Use in 2018

These are the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Wallets that You can Use in 2018

  1. Copay – Available for Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, MacOS and Linux, Copay is a bitcoin wallet by Bitpay with a simple and clean user interface. Being available on multiple platforms, it is easy to use the same account or wallet on multiple devices.
  2. Ledger Nano – A smartcard-based hardware wallet, Ledger Nano is for those users who want increased security. They are very secure, user-friendly and have good support. However, it costs you a lot and its high security decreases its usability.
  3. Trezor – Unlike Ledger Nano, Trezor is a very tiny computer instead of a smart card whose private keys are generated offline. It has an intuitive and easy to use interface along with being an extremely secure wallet that supports additional wallets and altcoins as well.
  4. Green Address – Green Address is a favourite among users. This multi-sig wallet allows you to access your bitcoins through a variety of methods such as desktop client, mobile app and online. This extremely easy to use wallet is very flexible and a preference of newbies but shares the control over your bitcoins.  
  5. Mycelium – A popular choice among the seasoned bitcoin users, Mycelium is an HD wallet with a number of advanced features such as cold storage spending and support for hardware wallets. This open source software program may be a bit complicated for new users but is one of the fastest and safest on the market.
  6. Armory – Armory is a trusted brand that is fully featured along with being secure and mature. This wallet is flexible and offers leading security features but requires advanced user knowledge.
  7. Bitcoin Core – The official Bitcoin Client and wallet, Bitcoin Core offers better privacy and helps in verifying and transmitting other transactions across the network. This stable system provides you with plenty of security but needs a lot of free space in order to store the entire blockchain.
  8. Airbitz – A great wallet for the everyday use, manages the accounts with username and passwords but doesn’t have access to your funds. Airbitz is a decentralized, backed up and secure wallet that can’t be accessed by anyone except you.
  9. Electrum – If you are using an older and less powerful computer to store your bitcoins, Electrum wallet is the best choice for you. The ease of use and speed of this wallet makes it quite popular among the users.

10. BitGo – BitGo is a multi-signature wallet that offers you high levels of security. Every transaction in this wallet needs two-factor identification in order to make it more secure for you. These extra security measures can create a hassle for you but its high-security level is simply worth it.

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